I have been organizing a do it yourself trips for a while now. Thanks to fellow travelers I meet down the road and also with the help of Filipino travel bloggers. I am so lucky enough to be able to visit some of the beautiful places in the island Philippines.

It feels ultimately great to engage in DIY (Do it yourself) trips. Can you imagine yourself planning and researching for the places you want to visit. Admittedly, organizing your own travel is not always easy. That will surely test your patience and willingness to adapt to the environment outside of your comfort zone. And because of organizing my own trip I was very fortunate enough that I have met so many people and had overwhelming opportunities which I did not think I would have had.


Mt. Pulag boasts one of the best sunrise and sunset views in the Philippines.

I will be with a travel tour group this coming  weekend once again to conquer Mount Pulag, the highest peak in Luzon and the third highest in the Philippines. Me and other participants will attempt to conquer Mount Pulag. I will share with you some of the wonderful experiences after that trip. Stay tuned because I will blog about it shortly.

I am so excited to experience the serenity of the mountains of Pulag. Been hearing good stories of the playground of the Gods. The feeling is indescribable but one thing is for sure, this weekend I will come and trek above the wonderful skies and spend the whole night above the clouds which is on top of the highest peaks in the Philippines.

Mount Pulag is one of the most popular trekking destinations up north and is also home to the Philippines endangered flora and fauna species and to some of North Luzon’s different tribes such as the Ibalois, Kalanguya, Kankana-eys, Karao, Ifugaos and the Ilocanos.


Thanks to Travel Factor, a premier travel organizer and Victory Liner who will make this adventure possible. “Byaheng Victory” is a series of group tours initiated by Victory Liner, the country’s premier bus transportation company and in cooperation with Travel Factor, one of the biggest adventure tour organizers in the Philippines, it promotes a taste of adventure and extra ordinary  destinations reached by Victory Liner. Byaheng Victory will take you to some of the most beautiful trips in the Northern Luzon.

So if you have always wanted to have a pleasant group tours, comprehensive itinerary, freedom and the opportunity to meet other wanderers, you too can join and be part of Byaheng Victory!

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