CEBU ITINERARY| Kawasan Falls | Tour, Badian, Cebu 2011

“There are no dead ends to a real Lakwatsero. There will only be  detours and reroutes”. 
Kawasan Falls



Today , I am going to brag about my coolest experience at the Kawasan  Falls. ” Napuntahan na rin kita sa wakas”.
Kawasan Falls is surrounded by a healthy vegetation. I really coud not think the best adjective to descibe you but you truly captivated me. It is such an amazingly beautiful waterfalls in Cebu.
I set up my mind for a great relaxation. Soothing my mind and be with nature again will definitely bring a positive outlook and energy for the whole day.
Kawasan Falls
It was almost an hour away from the diving paradise of Moalboal in Cebu  is the small town of Badian , which is the home of Kawasan Falls.After almost 45 minutes  on the road to Kawasan Falls . I will finally meet you. It was almost 9am  and the sight before us was truly awesome. Although, I was waiting for the sun to appear . It never showed up. I knew typhoon Ramon will be with us the whole day. That’s something we don’t have any control of.
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan falls can be reached within 15-20 minute walk. You can hire a porter if you don’t want to carry your backpack. The falls is layered with three gigantic and breathtaking waterfalls. It is a very steep climb going up to the third falls . 
Tourists come in for picnics and a cool , invigorating  swim after a hot and a  busy day.
Kawasan Falls
Get into the balsa-
The raft ride can be rented for Php300 . I am a big fan of waterfalls so I must admit it was cool and fun. When you’re under the waterfalls I felt like there were bricks pouring down my head. It was painful  to manage the brunt of the raging waterfalls. The place is really cool . I felt I was a child again.  
Hearing those cascading sounds of the water that flows steadfastly. I can imagine how my life is going lately and I thought the water flows like a stream running and flowing realizing what really goes on in my life  and what lies ahead .
-It’s beautiful out there.
I looked at you and felt the sudden breeze 
I was trapped  between your powerful frame.
You intrigued me with your vivid surprises
Your beauty  remains one of nature’s secrets
The memory of your kiss will always be here 
inside my heart.
I wish I could write a decent poem in the future. 
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls
Kawasan Falls  


I am so glad we went there despite of the tremendous rain caused by Typhoon Ramon. After taking pictures of waterfalls and experience it. I thought of a new appreciation of waterfalls and the pleasure it gives to the tourists. I wanna go back . This trip is one my best adventures that will surely be remembered. 
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