CEBU ITINERARY|The Sun Shines in Beautiful Moalboal

This small town is surrounded by water. And being the 3rd class municipality of Cebu City continuously manages to attract tourists as it is known as one of the best beaches and diving destinations in Cebu. 


This small town filled with rich historical past , abundant natural resources  and a territory of several fauna and rich ecosystem. It’s home of lush landscapes and vibrant sceneries.


Once upon a time, there was a tourist/foreigner who asked a woman  where he was. The woman thought he was asking for a river or stream  , so what she said was bukal-bukal (Moalboal has a small river , that’s where they get their water) . Because of her speech defect , her words came out as  Mo-wal-bo-wal and that’s they got their name. Interesting !



Anyway, I traveled approximately three hours from Cebu main town to Moalboal.  It didn’t matter to me how long it could take me to get there. For all I know , I was about to be blown away with beautiful sandy beaches and pristine clear water. And I was never disappointed. 

Motorcycle with a sidecar or tri-sikad among locals is predominantly their public transportation .But I think there are jeepneys around. Jeepneys can also be seen in many areas of Moalboal. Along came Lito. Yes,  We met Lito , our friendly tricycle driver and a funny tour guide. He was consistent and persistent to be our guide. 


There are numbers of accomodation within the beach. We scouted for backpacking lodges and mini-hotels . But we chose to stay overnight at HK resorts at the White Beach (Basdako) . Now if you want to experience clubbing in MoalBoal then i suggest you stay at Panagsama beach. There , it has several bars and restaurants lined up.  If you love clubbing , you can go to Pacitas Bar where a loud Disco bar awaits for the crowd who enjoy real entertainment. 

I a huge fan or should I say I have always been looked up to the best but reasonable accomodation.HK resort which is located at the white beach  offered us an overnight stay for two for Php1500. They offer a modern accommodation air-conditioning , friendly staff and no tv just so you know. But that’s ok , I was there to have fun and enjoy my Moalboal experience. 

I really fell in love with the white beach . I know that Moalboal is now receiving quite enough praise for its magnificent beaches and has developed a great tourism industry based on its natural resource it offers. 

I met Ian , another travel blogger who opted to stay at Panagsama beach. We really had a great conversation about his recent trip specially his first solobackpacking experience in cebu. 

One thing I wont ever forget was the beefsteak we ate during lunch. It was appetizing and so delicious. I swear. Beefsteak with rice and soda for Php 175.

At noon , We decided to roam around . Low tide was coming back but we still chose to swim , taking pictures and waited for a beautiful sunset at the beach.


There were really no concrete words to describe the mental , spiritual , physical and emotional discoveries you may experience at the white beach. 

For a day , I recently found a perfect place to really enjoy and to learn how to live and getting in touch with nature again. 

How to get to MoalBoal

It’s very easy. You can hire a taxi from the airport which would cost approximately Php 2000 or roughly $20 USD but I strongly suggest you take a taxi to the south bus terminal and Hop on the bus to MoalBOal main town. Buses going to Moalboal regularly run every thirty minutes and travel time takes approximately three hours. There is aircon and regular buses which normally cost Php 100 or $2.5 USD. 

There is no ATM in Moalboal so you have to make sure you have enough money to enjoy your MOalboal experience. Prepare a smaller bill and again . Take a lot of photos and share your experience to everybody. 

Oops , by the way , our recent trip to Cebu was a blast . Typhoon Ramon even joined us .

Check out my Kawasan Falls adventure very soon.

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