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Taoist Temple is hidden in the middle of the subdivision in Beverly Hills  . Most tourist guides will definitely include The Taoist temple as part your trip. . Some say the temple is not that attractive and the place is not that interesting to see. 
For those who visited and took time to see the Philippine Taoist temple. Please share your insight.
Honestly, I came to Cebu to purposely unwind , explore the beach and simply experience the Cebu life. On our first day, I have almost seen the best of Cebu City . I went ahead and checked out the premier gated community in Beverly Hills.
When I got there, I thought nobody’s around so i thought I can take a lot of photos of what’s inside the temple. But unfortunately taking pictures inside the temple is strictly not allowed. *BUMMER
At any rate, I was thinking that I was passing through the Great Wall of China. There are tourists , worshipers and non worshipers for Taoism around. Since it was my first Cebu Taoist temple experience, it is  my ritual to pray and wish.
Climbing the 81 steps , which represents  the 81 chapters of Taoism scriptures is a whole lot of fun. I wish I have my fortune read by monks too.
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