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Yummy CEBU|Food Trip in Cebu , Philippines
A great food experience



I was in Cebu last month and I really had a great time. Among those places that I will surely going to miss are my Cebu foodtrip. It was just a few weeks but my memories are still fresh , it’s still in me. Lechon at CNT and the street foods along Fuente Circle. Larsian. It’s a well-known eating place for so many years now. Larsian was a cafeteria or small eating house in 70’s ran by twin sisters  named Pilar and Siana. 
Today, you can see various barbeque stands in different selections. The smoky stretch of barbeque  stands is a haven for barbeque lovers. From chicken wings, thighs, intestine, pork , seafood and so much more. You name it. 
I am a huge fan of barbeque so I did try almost everything . I did not mind the smoke coming from the burning charcoal where they cooked my dried squid and chicken intestine. The barbeque I ordered was delicious  I mixed it with vinegar and soy sauce added with chili peppers.
And just recently I was told that the popular Larsian barbeque will undergo a huge renovation as it was approved by the Cebu provincial government. The project will transform  Larsian  into an ECo-Larsian , which gives tourists and visitors a modern and more presentable food trip experience.
Total of food spent= Php112.00
Larsian is a place for everyone. 
the only place to go for eating BBQ with puso and evendrinking ice-cold beer after a long night until the next morning of jamming with friends .
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Lechon is very famous in cebu . A very unique taste of a crisp pig’s skin and a tender meat. I actually found it at the CNT lechon.

Our cab driver mentioned there’s a restaurant called CNT Food restaurant inside SM City Cebu. The CNT lechon inside the mall is just a plain lechon stall. And we later found out that there’s a CNT Lechon food restaurant just infront of the SM City Cebu mall. 

It was a two storey building . Parking lot is on the ground floor.Over all It was a delighting experience treating myself with a tasty and delicious lechon Cebu. 

Overall customer experience, my rate is good.  The place is not as crowded as expected. It’s like a traditional cafeteria that offers a very reasonable price given the fact that lechon is really expensive…  Two thumbs up!