CHAP: A different kind of HIGH at The Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

I have a slightly different post for you today.

I flew from Manila to Bohol to experience a different kind of high in a place called Chocolate Hills Adventure Park or also known as CHAP.

Well, I never thought that the highlight of this adventure absolutely needed lots of effort and courage to move on, wait until someone pushes me to go on and decide to ride a bike on a 550 meter (two-way) cables suspended some hundred meters above the ground.


Perhaps I needed some encouraging words, but not wanting to wait and take turns, all I could hear was a murmur from the safety crew standing next to me saying these wordds – Relax. Breathe and Enjoy. Look at those beautiful mountains from a distance… Three. Two. One. Pedal!


Bike zip is quite an adventure and relatively new to me so before I got myself into this adrenalin rush I started doing some research online about what it was like but did find nothing detailed about the feelings, the thrill, the process so I decided to come up with my own version or story of what it feels like when you’re up there.


So this post will definitely try to answer the question of what doing a bike zipping for the first time feels like.

We arrived at the Chocolate Hills Adventure Park almost lunch time. Joining the list of adrenaline junkie, I was indeed proud to show them I was not scared but that was not true. The moment I stepped on the tiny walkway leading to the platform, all my guts and bravery were gone and seemed as if I left them at the registration counter.


I knew I was about to pee but never did I realize I was working on my pedals looking very seriously along my path towards the other platform. It’s amazingly high from where I was.


I was terrified and wanted to scream louder in my heart but hid this feeling by making no sounds at all outside. I didn’t want to get embarrassed so had to be cool throughout the whole process of biking to reach the other side.


There is indeed something about bike zipping that makes everyone fearless. I felt invincible. After completing the rounds I got this uniquely amazing sense of accomplishment and the belief that I could do anything that I set my mind to. It gave me this motivation to take on other goals in life that I thought were unreachable.


The experience taught me to push through my fear and turn it into something positive. The feeling of pride and accomplishing something afterwards is priceless.


The thing about fear is that it will always be there. It teaches you to push through your limits and turn it into courage. And the feeling of pride and accomplishment afterwards is immeasurable.

CHAP Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Carmen, Bohol-2370

Sometimes we tend to over- think and over analyze things before we make a decision. What I learned from this experience, is that the longer you wait to take the leap, the more time you have to make excuses and convince yourself to back out without even trying and I’m glad I did. Sometimes in life you just have to take that leap of faith. Close your eyes, follow your heart and everything will work out.

CHAP Chocolate Hills Adventure Park, Carmen, Bohol-2372

Life is unpredictable and we can never tell if the decisions we’re about to make will work or not. It could be right or wrong until we have made them. In the end we just have to accept the full responsibility for our actions. Taking that risk and having faith will pay-off. Well, sometimes it would not work but it’s worth a try at least we have faced that fear.

Would I try to go bike zipping again? I would say, definitely “Yes!” again in the future if someone asked me to. Why? Because it’s thrilling!

Make your family bonding time more fun and exciting with Adventure Packages at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Spend quality time with the whole family and / or friends by having an adventure packed trip at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park Bohol. Take in the beauty of the Philippines most precious wonder – the Chocolate Hills and see lush forest greens. Enjoy the whole day strolling around the park and add a little excitement to your tour by doing the Child Rope Course, Adult Rope Course or Bike Zip-line.

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is Bohol”s latest adrenaline pumping adventure park. The only one that features the breathtaking heart stopping Bike Zip. See the famous chocolate hills as you mountain bike through the sky and over the chocolate hills. Enjoy family bonding with the high and low rope challenge for adults and kids. Test your balancing skills and nerves as you negotiate the different rope bridges over century old trees. It’s sure to thrill you as you negotiate 9 different rope course challenges.

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park is at the heart of Brgy, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol which is an hour and a half away from the main town of Tagbilaran. One must hop on a bus from Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City to Carmen. Fare is roughly at Php 60.

Brgy, Buenos Aires, Carmen, Bohol
Facebook Page: CHAP
Contact No.: 0932-667-7098

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