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Complete Your Low-budget Trip Around The Country With These 6 Helpful Tips

Craving to appease your wanderlust but already low on budget?

Don’t fret! Don’t let money stop you from traveling and seeing the beauty of the country. Stop worrying and start reading this article for six cheap travel hacks for you to apply on your next adventure! Keep on traveling!

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Make Hostels Your Best Friend

Staying in hotels are way too expensive and overrated. We travel not to stay in a luxurious hotel and admire it all day, we travel to see and experience the place at its best. Since we only need a place to crash at night, hostels are good alternatives for accommodations. Hostels provide great services just like hotels, but they are generally much cheaper. Hostels are perfect for budget travelers and backpackers. You can even opt to sleep in a shared room where you can meet fellow budget travelers along with it! In fact, it is evident that more and more travelers are choosing hostels over hotels, making the demand for such shoot up.

Subscribe to Mailing Lists of Airlines

Most people don’t know that seat sales are announced by airlines to their email subscribers. So you better start signing up for mailing lists of your favorite airlines to stay ahead of seat sale announcements. They usually announce seat sales via email a few days before they officially announce it to everyone. So stay alert on their emails! Put notifications on their emails so you won’t miss them.

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Travel in low season

Traveling in offseason has its perks such as less crowd, fewer photobombers, more accommodations available, and most importantly, extremely cheaper expenses. Avoid traveling in peak seasons like the holidays and the summer season as prices of everything from accommodations to airfare surge considerably.

Try Alternative Transportation

In today’s age, where travel is now becoming a hobby,  there are a lot of ways to go from one place to another aside from an airplane. You can opt to ride a bus, a ferry, habal-habal, or a combination of them. Don’t limit yourself to traveling by air. Plus, trying a different mode of transport creates extra fun and adds up to the overall experience.

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Create an itinerary

Spontaneous travel seems to be enticing, especially for the adventure junkies. But if you are tight on budget, this can mean additional expenses for unforeseen events and activities. It’s always smart to create an itinerary before going to the trip. This way you can plan everything down up to how much you’ll be spending in total. You can even look for free sights and activities to maximize the experience and minimize cost.

Bring or Cook your own food

One of the major money drainer in traveling is food. You can save a lot of money if you bring your own food such as canned goods. But a better option is to shop in their local market and cook your own food! This adds up to the experience as you get to see what their delicacies are in the local market, and what kinds of food are abundant in the area. Now you have saved a lot of money and added up a whole new experience in your trip.

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