They say people are scared to explore Mindanao. If people are so scared to explore Mindanao then you would not know how beautiful Mindanao is and its community.
First of all The world is no longer safe. Where ever we want to go. There will always be a good and bad people. Needless to say there is no other safe place to go. Only one place is safe and that is a paradise in heaven. Today is just exactly almost a month since I visited Dipolog City. And honestly it was an awesome and incredibly great month for me. I always feel like i have done so many things there.  And I am quite sad to say that I am missing the Dipolognon way of life. Sleeping time perhaps or should I say the hours that you don’t sleep , the awesome food and generally the difference and uniqueness of its culture and society .Yes people in Dipolog are really friendly and lovely.A great thing I love about Dipolognon is that they are social , as in  extremely social. I noticed their spare time is spent with friends .Dipolog in my own perspective is such a great place. Very quiet and laid-back. Giving you a very stimulating view of old and new town with so many peaceful corner along the street .

I went to Dipolog just last month to purposely have my Lakbay Rizal Passport  stamped. Honestly, I was a little scared  about getting in and around Mindanao.But my hunger for curiousity was there so i packed my bag and dragged myself to Dipolog.

I have been traveling for quite a while but I am still scared of flying on a plane. I am always terrified of flying. Once the plane hits the runway that’s when i can breathe with a sigh of relief . 




I recently gone through some of the photos and  my trip about my experiences in Dipolog City. Hidden in the center of the province I have come across with hotels within the main town but I chose to stay at Antonios Pension house.

Aside from a very simple yet beautiful  setting , an extraordinary  accommodation . I got a little perk of getting to meet the humble owner. Very welcoming and friendly which is such an adorable factor . 

I checked into their rooms . I found a relaxing area with a subtle background of colors with some tribal decorations .A place where you can rest and relax at cheaper and affordable rooms with 24 hour security service, 24 hour WiFi access, fully air-conditioned rooms, Seaview “BINOY’s” resto cafe, authentic”HILOT” filipino massage, cable TV, parking area and nearby grill houses and videoke bar. I was offered a modern accommodation (tv, air-conditioning) and a friendly staff. I have always been looked up at the best and reasonable traveler accommodations.


At the rooftop , you can see the longest boulevard in the province of Mindanao fronting the beachfront. The best time to get around is late in the afternoon so you can capture the sunset. Grab a mango or chicharon with soft drinks and enjoy the view of the longest boulevard.


So if you are looking for an IDEAL and interesting day adventure packed with splendid sights, visit Dipolog Cathedral.

Enjoying the city tour by day would be a great activity for everyone. Check out the Dipolog rotonda , the city hall , The Magsaysay and Roxas Park , the provincial capitol , and the Museum in convention Center.

Habalhabal or bicycle with sidecars costs Php7 .


DIPOLOG FOUNTAIN represents the tri-people of Mindanao, which symbolize the diverse cultures prevailing in Dipolog.
Food trip at McDo|Dipolog version of “McDo” means “mag duko-duko. Cebuano term for a person who bends low to choose which to order from the dimly lit barbecue grills.
There are so many interesting places in the province of Dipolog. If you want to see the twin cities of Dipolog and Dapitan and witness the captivating view of the sky and the sea .Find out and take the 3003 steps to the Linabo Peak.Dapitan on the otherhand is about 30minute ride from Dipolog City.  It houses old villages and houses. Dapitan is also a home of Dr Jose Rizal Exile shrine and black sand beaches. Enjoy the ride all you can affair at the Gloria sa Dapitan Theme Park. Dakak beach resort is a 10-15 minute ride from Dapitan City. Anyway , I will write about the others some other time.
foodtrip in dipolog
Known as the orchid capital of southern Philippines. Dipolog City has its reputation as one of the provinces richest sources of orchids.
Do not ever leave the city without the bottled sardines . Their sardines is wellknown in different countries. It was such a great food experience. Visit a Montano factory or warehouse for a fresh and reasonable bottled sardines. 
The town also never sleeps after five. Dipolog City is not a typical PROVINCE . Surprisingly I discovered that there’s still life after five in Dipolog! Contrary to what I was expecting Karaoke, Bars, ballrooms dancing , drinking with a good music are lined and up for grabs for the people who want to party!!! 
Photo credit| Aleksi Gumela

Honestly,  you WILL always  be hungry  since there are so many temptation to eat every corner and everywhere. You can never resist your cravings from coffee shops, cafeteria  and some snack bars . Dipolog has it everywhere. 

St. James Parish Church symbolizes the early Christianization of Dapitan.
They say spending a three days and two nights in a vibrant city of Dipolog is way too short . So you really have to maximize your time and effort to see the most of beautiful places in the province . So like some people and other budget travelers I personally know. I usually pass through some of the best places in Dipolog and since I am on a very tight budget , I cut my trip shorter. City tour can be done in a day or even half of the day. Dipolog is just a small province but with a large population of friendly with only a short trip , find out why it’s more fun in Dipolog ? Here are the snapshots and suggestions how your trip can make a memorable one.DAY 1


Sunset at the Dipolog Boulevard 
zanorte provincial capitol
zanorte provincial capitol
dipolog cathedral
A century old Dipolog Cathedral gets a modern touch. Did you know that our National hero Dr. Jose Rizal helped design the altar of this centennial church?

Grab your camera and take a photo of the modern Dipolog Cathedral . It is just a walking distance from the provincial capitol.

Fountain of Blessings
Fountain of Blessings is located at Estaka-Turno road junction.

The fountain of blessings represents  the tri-people of Mindanao, which symbolize the diverse cultures prevailing in Dipolog.


Visit the 3003 steps to Linabo Peak. Dipolog’s highest elevation point – 486 meters above sea level.  It has fourteen stations of the cross and a community chapel at the peak. SUNGKILAW FALLS which can be found inside the OISCA Forest Park. Take a dip of the cold spring.

I will blog a separate post for all of these soon.


Dapitan tour

If you travel to Dipolog, please take  time to share us about what you saw in the province. Would love to hear feedback and stories from you.  So come and visit to the Orchids City of Zamboanga Del Norte.

It makes me feel very sad that Mindanao does not get the tourism it deserves. There are so many place to see in Mindanao. Wonderful beaches, breathtaking landscapes and majestic waterfalls . Rich culture and so many other things a tourist loves and desires.

Mindanao is blessed with so much beauty and therefore must be used to make our lives better specially for all the Filipino people.

I hope you include Dipolog and Dapitan to explore the wonders that it offers to its visitors. Experience a great high mixing and mingling with the locals and allow yourself to be part of Dipolognon Life.

It was such a great weekend getaway , so many great things and activities to enjoy, to discover , to eat but still the people is the best. There is really more to Dipolog than a bottle of sardines ..

Dipolog rocked my world!


How to get to Dipolog City

Dipolog City is accessible by land , sea and air.

Fly from Manila – Dipolog |vice versa daily by Cebu pacific and Philippine Airlines.

It can also be reached via roro  and Ferry trips are also available daily to and from Dumaguete  and Cebu Cities.

 This is  an entry to November 2011 PTB Blog Carnival with the theme, “Mindanao Bliss”. This is a collaborative effort to promote Mindanao as a fun and safe destination. A paradise of natural wonders and a BLISS to everyone – away from the negative views about Mindanao as a whole. This blog Carnival is hosted by OLAN EMBOSCADO of The Travel Teller.

This is about my personal  journey to Dipolog City in Mindanao  and how this particular  journey changed my  outlook about “The Promise Land”. 

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