Don’t Just Set Resolutions, Set a Direction

At the crack of every New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the year that was—before looking forward to the year that is upon us.

As you glance back at your journey and the roads you’ve traveled, do you find that you are exactly where you want to be or that you are
who you want to be? Or do you feel lost, stuck and unable to move while time flitted by?

For a select few, it is the former. But for a vast majority, I’d boldly guess it’s the latter.

You are among the generation of the lost if you:
– are marching on to the real world with a diploma and yet have no real clue what you want to do
– took a job hastily (for fear of being idle too long or for the sake of trying something new) then find belatedly that you’re stuck in a job you
never thought you’d be doing
– find yourself in a job you don’t love or don’t see yourself in for the long haul
– drag yourself to work, waking up every morning unexcited for the day that’s about to unfold
– enjoyed what you were doing once upon a time but find that you are now questioning where you are
– generally find yourself questioning what you’re doing with your life
– know what you want and yet don’t know how to get there or are having a hard time getting there

Sound familiar? Yup, you’re lost. Don’t worry, I was once lost too. But I found my way.

Like most of the people who march on to the real world with a diploma, I didn’t know with utter conviction which career path to take or
what I wanted to do. I had an idea of where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be—and yet I couldn’t figure out the “how”.

Not wanting to be idle, I dabbled in I.T., an industry I never thought I’d be in. While the company I joined allowed me to meet many
wonderful people whom I now count as friends, my job left me feeling unfulfilled, miserable, empty and most of all, unhappy. To combat
those feelings, I embarked on various endeavors to help me find “myself” and my way—from learning new things to taking trips to letting
go, among others.

I have chronicled in the Book of Ten the ten most important things which have truly helped me transition from the limbo of lost to getting
back on my feet on the path I’ve chosen for myself. The Book of Ten is composed of 10 chapters, each challenging you as they
have done for me. Thus, it is not a mere collection of realizations or learning—but more aptly, a collection of doing, written for all the lost
souls out there.

What is the Book of Ten exactly? The Book of Ten, your very own little Black Book of Life, is a “life planner” that forces you to fill life with
things you want to do, rather than merely an empty list of “things you have to do”. The Book of Ten contains 10 lists which will inspire and
challenge you to reach your “perfect ten” by filling your life with things that truly make your heart beat, things that truly make you feel

Curious? Get your copy now! This New Year, don’t set resolutions—like you do every year. Instead, set a direction for your life with the
Book of Ten and make this New Year really count! 🙂

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Don’t Set Resolutions, Instead Set a Direction
By: Kathryn Pua

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