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Dubai is Paradise for Thrill Seekers

My intense appetite for thrill and adventure brought me to Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). As soon as I heard about the world’s longest urban zipline being constructed at Dubai Marina, I knew I would soon be flying over just for this experience of a lifetime.

I booked my flight to UAE soon after the launch of the new urban zipline at XLine Dubai Marina. The zip line was my sole destination. However, I quickly realized that there are plenty of awesome things to do in Dubai.


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Dubai is Disneyland for adult adventurers

As a first-timer in Dubai, a lot of things blew my mind. The whole city was like a Disneyland for adults, or at least for me. From the towering flashy skyscrapers to the racing Ferraris and Lamborghinis on the roads, there were lots of reasons for me to grin widely like a kid in paradise.

I was also among the lucky ones who got to visit the recently opened Dubai Safari during its soft opening. I’ve learned that there are about 2,500 animals representing 250 species from all over the world here. They are all spread across the 119-hectare wildlife park. More species will be housed within the next few months.

Dubai Nightlife

I get restless at night when I travel, so I always check out the best in the city’s nightlife scene. My friends in the city took me to Sheikh Zayed Road where clubbers enjoy plenty of options – Cirque Le Soir, Cavalli Club, and The Act, to name a few.

dubai picture

On my first night, just before I dozed off, I managed to log in to for a few rounds of roulette and blackjack, my favorite casino games. On my second day, I jogged at Jumeirah Beach, where I enjoyed a magnificent picturesque scene between the sea and palm trees. Everything I could ever need for a wonderful vacation was possible in Dubai.

Food in Dubai

There are a lot of Pakistanis and Indians in Dubai, so it is not surprising to see food choices from these countries. I’m a great fan of shawarmas and kebabs so I was always full and satisfied.

I also enjoyed the chicken curry, served with a flat bread, at the Ravi Restaurant. Rhodes Twenty10 was another great recommendation by a friend. The steak was excellent, so I would be coming back there if I find myself in Dubai again.

Superman at XLine Dubai Marina

I tried not to jump for sheer joy when my turn finally came for the grand urban zipline. While in motion up above, it was so liberating to hear and feel the whooshing sound of the wind. I hurtled over buildings, yachts and cars from the XLine’s 170 meter high cable.

I traveled one kilometer at a speed of 80 kph, on a cable that was inclined at 16 degrees. The newest XLine is definitely among the fastest and steepest in the world.

Anyone could have a lot of fascinating experiences in Dubai. For me, there was a lot to soak in. I collected plenty of remarkable memories during the entire trip. Still, everything pales in comparison to my one-kilometer flight to the Dubai Marina Mall.




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