Thanks to the world’s famous Mayon Volcano, the perfectly shaped volcano serves as the backdrop to the city of Legazpi. The Mayon Volcano is visible to the naked eye all throughout the cities in Albay including the surrounding provinces.

In the past, Albay had a thriving civilization which was formerly called Ibat. Albay was once headed by Gat Ibal, an old chief who founded the old Barangay of Sawangan and now the district of Albay and part of the Legazpi City.

During the Second World War, the region was invaded by the Japanese Forces on December 12,  1941. It was later on when Filipino soldiers defended and recaptured the province of Albay to fight for the Japanese Imperial Forces in 1945.


Today, The city of Legazpi is currently recognized as one of the top growing cities in the Philippines. It is also considered as the growing city that caters to adventure tourism. It is truly inspiring how Legazpi city climbed up as a prime tourist destination through the vision of its people and of course including the development of infrastructures and a world class resorts and ongoing plans of making Legazpi as the number one tourist spot in terms of food, extreme adventures and a diversed hospitality towards visitors.

Bicol region has a lot of amazing views that includes pristine beaches, great diving sites. centuries old churches and other heritage sites, popular attractions and landmarks that will surely completely your holiday. Albay is just one of the six provinces in Bicol. Camarines Norte, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, and Masbate have so many beautiful attractions too that is waiting for you to be discovered.

Here are the top things to do in Legazpi City.


The landscape of the world’s famous Mayon volcano is breath-taking.
Savor the moments of the great outdoors in Bicol. I bet you can’t help but amaze at the landscape, thick luscious green width of forest. The volcano has erupted almost 50 times starting in 1616. Currently she sleeps like a baby so you can make Mayon volcano as a fantastic backdrop for your action packed outdoor adventure.

the best of bicol


Marvel the ultimate panoramic view of the whole Albay provinces. Standing at 511 feet tall, the famous Lignon Hill Nature Park is obviously one of the best location during the day to view the breath taking perfect cone shape of Mayon Volcano. Lignon National Park  can accommodate regular joggers and nature lovers. Best time to visit the park early in the morning. At night, one can be attached and be in love with the beautiful Legazpi City skyline once you trek down the hill. The view deck offers more than just a park. Another interesting activities at the hill are the zipline and rappelling facilities. Trekking up is a bit of a challenge but is surely an extra ordinary experience.


3. Food Adventure

You have to taste some of the best local delicacies in the Bicol Region. Sampling various gastronomic delights should always be  part of your itinerary. Bicol region is known for spicy food. You have to agree with me but real Bicolano’s are well known for their love of spicy food and delicacies so we wanted to try some of the tasty treats that will fulfill our hot and spicy cravings. Now I am craving for some more Bicol Food. Bicol Express, Tilmok, Pili, Dinuguang Bicol, Pancit Bato. More Legazpi and Bicol posts will come your way shortly. Biggs Diner, Colonial Grill, Graceland Bakers Plaza and other local food delicacies are up for grabs. And by the way, do not forget the haven of the unusual ice cream flavors.

the best of albay

4. Spelunking is more Fun in Albay

Explore the world of Hoyop hoyopan cave in Camalig, Albay. The cave can be found in Cotmon, Camalig White mountain and can be travelled just 30-45 minutes from the Provincial Capitol of Albay. Hire a tricycle to get you there. Hoyop means blowing of air. Feel the soft breeze of air through various openings around the cave. The best experience inside the cave of Hoyop hoyopan is the sight of stalactites and stalagmites formed through the years. This privately owned tourist attraction is open to the public with an entrance fee of Php50.

5. Get upclose with centuries old churches

Acquaint yourself with beautiful centuries old churches. Take the opportunity to shoot more photos as you can.

There are churches that were built even before the Second World War. They were severely damaged. Reconstructions and repaintings are continuously made to enhance the interior and exterior part of the church. Do not forget to visit the church of Saint Raphael which was originally built in 1834.
daraga church
Another church one must visit is the Nuestra Senora de la Porteria which is situated on the hill of Sta. Maria in the town of Daraga. This church is popularly known as the Daraga Church and built by Franciscan missionaries in early 1773.

church of st raphael
Head to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine, another amazing attraction  if you want get a clear view of the city and Mount Mayon. The shrine is located at the hill top of Buraguis. From Daraga church, take a jeepney bound for Legazpi and alight in Buraguis. From the main road of Rizal Street, take a tricycle to get to Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine.

Best of Bicol

6. The new entertainment hub of Legazpi City

The new entertainment center boosts more than just a world class leisure, stores and dining establishments that serve extraordinary Bicolanos pride. The Embarcadero de Legazpi aims to encourage foreign investors for the economic development of the entire Bicol region. At the heart of Embarcadero, several mini stores and multi purpose halls are open for guests.


Above all the new entertainment hub offers a new perspective to entertainment nuts with its various activities like water sports and other recreational facilities for everyone to enjoy.

The night scene in Albay, especially in Legazpi City, doesn’t lack character. Various clubs and bars that offer the best of Bicols night life that will definitely make you ask for more!

7. Save the best for last Cagsawa Ruins

best of Albay

There are reports that Daraga, being the most progressive city in the Province of Albay and the whole Bicol Region will be the future destination of the Bicol International Airport.Daraga is the  home city of Cagsawa Ruins Park and the National Cultural Treasure, centuries-old Church of Our Lady of the Gate.

8. Explore nearby provinces

attractions in camarines sur

For todays backpackers who prefer to explore and rediscover one must check out nearby provinces of Albay. Visit Naga City. Go wakeboarding or knee boarding in Camarines Sur, swim with the whale sharks of Donsol in Sorsogon, beach hopping in Calaguas islands in Camarines Norte, swim and surf  in Puraran which is popularly known Majestic waves in Catanduanes.

I have used my camera to capture the beauty of Bicol. One can genuinely understand what Bicol can really offer in terms of extreme adventures, fine dining, a must see landmarks and attractions and above all the real Bicolandia experience.

Getting to Legazpi
By Air
Daily flights from Manila to Legazpi City. Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific and Airphil Express are servicing direct routes to Legazpi.

By Bus

Bus lines are available from Metro Manila to Sorsogon or Legazpi City. Servicing routes include Philtranco buslines, Superlines, Cagsawa, Amihan and DLTB Inc. Travel time takes approximately 10 hours.

It’s indeed more fun in the Bicol region.

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