Eight Ideas For Traveling In Ukraine

Ukraine can easily impress with its diversity, so even experienced traveler can’t recognize his location at once. These places may seem Italy, Africa, Switzerland or other no less interesting country, but be sure, it’s Ukraine. Do want to see Ukraine or meet Ukrainian wife? You should to know, it doesn’t matter. Just start the trip and your desires will come true.

A bright “Little Venice” in the Odessa oblast
Vylkove is a small city (like Venice) located in 300 kilometers from a hospitable and cheerful Odessa practically bordering with Romania. It’s a place where you can see channels instead of usual pavement and streets, where local people move on the Ukrainian gondola. The air is very fresh and clear and the landscapes are surprisingly beautiful and romantic.

“An African Savannah” in the Kherson region
Those who like to watch wild animals or love the African safari will find it all in the reserve “Askania Nova”, located near the town of Kakhovka in 100 kilometers from Kherson. This picturesque corner of untouched nature contains amazing and exotic species of animals and birds rare even for our country. Graceful flamingo and cranes, camel and zebra, buffalo, bisons, antelopes and many other animals can be found there.

“Japanese corner” in Uzhgorod
You’d be surprised, that you needn’t fly to Japan, land of the rising sun, to enjoy a spectacular view of the Sakura Blossoms alleys. All this beauty is accessible to everyone in the scenic town of Uzhgorod. If you want to feel the magical atmosphere of the blooming sakura or enjoy the flowered streets of white and violet magnolias, this ancient town will be the right choice.

“Alpine sceneries” of the Ukrainian Carpathians
Everybody knows about Alpine white-crowded green mountains with aromatic plants, calm mountain lakes and rivers. The Carpathians can offer you the same spectacular landscapes added with an incredibly warm hospitality of local people. Prepare to be mesmerized by wild mountain rivers and waterfalls. The smell of firs, pines, meadow flowers and grass contributes to a good rest. The soothing melodies of the trembita resound for miles around. The lake Synevir is an example of magnificent Carpathian nature.

Flowering valleys of Holland in Carpathians Mountains
Practically everyone has heard about Dutch tulips and narcissi. Every year this country is visited by millions of tourists to see the park of narcissi. But people of our country have the better opportunity, just visit the city of Khust in May. One night and a green valley turn into a wonderful flowering carpet of white narcissi.

Chernovtsy is Ukrainian Prague
Tangled streets of Prague combined with the peaceful rhythm of life, the smell of fresh-baked goods and coffee – all this impressed. We can also praise ourselves with similar streets, squares and cathedrals that we can find in Chernovtsy, the example of old Europe magnificence.

A piece of Ireland in Khmelnitsky region
Having visited a small village Bakota in the Khmelnitsky region, the tourist moved abroad to the green rocky shoreline of Ireland. An amazing view over the Dniester opens from the mountain. It’s impossible to find this place on the map, because of unruly river flows, that have destroyed the largest part of Bakota.

The fjords of Switzerland in the Cherkassy region
A beautiful town named Ukrainian “little Switzerland” is located 100 kilometers from Kyiv, near the Buky village in the Cherkassy region. Buky Canyon protects the river Hirsky Tikych and reminds the landscapes of Scandinavian fjords. This place looks uniquely beautiful in May when nature is rich and bright with green plants when the air is full of spring smells. There is a noisy waterfall near the canyon and the ancient mill ruins of the nineteenth century.

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