It feels great to see those unique experiences and destinations shared and posted by thousands of travelers in their social media sites. In most cases you will get inspired and moved by these experiences. Building connections with the local people is the primary reason why I travel. Imagine yourself learning a brand new things about their way of life, culture and their insight about their town and some important things to do like where to go, when to visit, where to  shop and buy local souvenirs and of course getting a taste of local flavors in the country .

I’d like to share with you the website that connects travelers from every corner of the world with the locals in Asia extending an extra-ordinary travel experiences from a dining expedition with the local family to wandering off the beaten track and by taking part in activities and learn traditional talents taught by locals, expanding your horizon and your skill in the process.

The Withlocals website is a marketplace connecting travelers from every corner of the world with locals in Asia offering unique travel experiences and home dining opportunities.

How WithLocals work

Any interested traveler can sign up as a host or as a traveler and start the registration process by providing your information on what you are offering and set the price. Joiners are encouraged to give out the full details so their guests understand exactly what they should expect. After the registration process, WithLocals authorized representative will get in touch with you to visit your place and take pictures and will discuss you some additional information you need to know about your WithLocals account. WithLocals certainly give job possibilities for locals in the Philippines. Locals can earn some extra money by just showing their favorite activities (fishing or farming) or even teaching tourists how to cook a local dish. Local hosts can offer their services directly to travelers and give tourists positive experiences they will never forget. There’s no better way to try the local flavors of a country and no better way to understand a culture than by getting to really know its people.


Your Preferred Experience

Learning how to cook local dishes, driving a pump boats, farming and fishing, there’s an activity for everyone. Your choices for tours include dining with locals of course (which is one of the most popular), learning how to cook local dishes and some sightseeing tours. One can definitely get lost in the sea of new experiences.

Currently, WithLocals is only available in the following countries:

  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Nepal
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • The Philippines- coming very soon


A lambaklad is the Filipino term for “otoshi-ami,” the Japanese name of the largest fish trap net which is literally translated as a drop-in net – a stationary and passive fishing gear that acts as buffer against the incursion of a large commercial fishing vessels in municipal waters.

Lambaklad fishing is part of the Tibiao Adventures conceptualized and operated by 24-year-old Flord Nicson Calawag to promote Tibiao’s tourism treasures and help the fishermen.


Like the founders of WithLocals.com, I also believe that every person is good at something. It feels ultimately great to earn a living by doing something you are passionate about. Withlocals.com aims to enable people, especially those in developing nations, to boost their income by offering their talents and knowledge to travelers.

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