The centuries Old churches in every town of Ilocos Sur  are the only witness of our colonial past.  These churches became a part of the center of plaza complex  town planning instituted by spanish forces. 
Ilocos Sur is located along the western coast of Northern Luzon. It is bound by Abra on the Northeast.  Mountain province on the east  , Benguet  is on the southeast ,  Launion on the south and the china sea on the west. The topography of Ilocos sur has elevations ranging from 10 to 1700 meters above sea-level.
The churches and other structures of Ilocos Sur  reflect a unique trait of Ilocano. Their characters reflect their strength .
My persistent Northern exposure was truly a success. Believe me, one of the best places to visit in the Philippine island of Luzon is Vigan. For me, it’s a living museum. If you get there you will know what i am talking about. It does justify my description. Legendary… Yiii. This old spanish  town of Vigan is under   the UNESCO World heritage list. Aside from the fact that it symbolizes an extraordinary structure of asian and european colonial architecture which is really outstanding, the place is a well-known trading towns in South east asia. It is truly the best preserved spanish era community  in the Philippines.  there are 200 colonial structure and is considered  one of the UNESCO world heritage site. 
There is no question Vigan is listed under the world heritage list. The streets and buildings make people believe that it is a unique setting for everyone. Imagine yourself living in spain, Pretend you are in spanish era living in extravagant homes which was once owned by friars and other officials . I am really glad the beauty of this town is well-preserved which is genuinely captivating.
There are several visitors of Vigan. And you really can not deny its historical charm. I enjoyed a walking tour within the area and riding a kalesa with friends. There are also different villages in Vigan. You can actually start at any point. The Plaza Burgos is the city’s favorite hangout . On the other hand, Plaza Salcedo has its St. Paul Cathedral  which is home to different museums . The highlights? Old photographs, old cars, memorabilia  and a lot more. 
Burgos National museum is also encouraged , it has various artworks and interesting memorabilia too. There is also the Syquia Mansions which is  the home of the former president of the Philippines  , President Elpidio Quirino.  Both museums are interesting . You’ll definitely be able to figure out the lives of the most prominent and powerful families from the city of Vigan.
You can visit the town anytime i guess . But some  backpackers  prefer to visit the place during summer or the city’s main event or festival.  I would like to attend the Vigan  Town Fiesta and if im not mistaken there’s also a festival in april or in may . I’ll try to search for these events and hopefully I will be able to visit the place town again. It feels very good to get away but it feels ultimately great when you get back into the swing of things. How i wish I have money to travel to different places…
I also love the food, very interesting food that is a must when you visit the town . I love the empanadas … I even bought 30 pieces for pasalubong or souvenir.
There are numerous Vigan hotels and traveler inns here. But where we stayed is at the Cordillera inn. The location is very attractive and its near commercial establishments, museum, transportation areas and more. Their room is well decorated . They have standard rooms with air-conditioning, private rooms and bathrooms , small cafeteria , spacious lobby. Enough with spoilers…
Vigan is a 7-8 hour bus ride from Manila. But the long trip is worth your time. There is also a daily flight from Manila to Vigan .Yes it  can also be reached via flights that land in the nearby city of Laoag. That is if you don’t want to spend  7-8 hours inside a bus. =)
Planning for your Vigan heritage tour?
Visit Padre Burgos house, Crisolog Museum, Ancestral houses,  Archbishop palace and the Vigan Arts and industry.
be on the look out for more Luzon posts…
Stay tuned.

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