feast for Pasayan

So my first day in Bacolod ended with a filled stomach from my relatives …

 pasayan – literally translated as red shrimps   =)

fresh shrimps i bought for P96.00

simple pleasures that we don’t always take time to enjoy.


flavors of Aguisan for P96.00

My favorite seafood dish yumyum

Deep fried shrimp is my favorite seafood dish. There are other ways for cooking shrimp, but I think shrimp is a food that tastes delicious on the pan. I have gone through many marinated shrimp recipes to find that yummy pan fried recipe for shrimp.

Not only is this marinated deep fried shrimp recipe delicious, but it’s also very easy. Besides the marinating, there is virtually no preparation. Did I mention that I like easy recipes? And the shrimp cook in about 5 minutes. Talk about a quick meal! This shrimp also tastes great over a pasta with a little more sauce. 

TIP: marinate it with sprite or lemon juice overnight , you are gonna love it … I did hihihihi

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