I am so hot!

Well, I could not blame you if that’s the first word you will think of me. But seriously no, this is not about me. It’s all about summer. Scorching heat, bright sunshine, girls in bikinis, hot hunks and all the sweat glands activated.

Now I am talking about hot sizzling summer , the heat of summer sunshine! Yay.

March marks the start of the most awaited season for everyone …..


It’s officially summer.

Summer means  many different things to different people. No classes for students. We all like that aren’t we? For busy working people , you guys need a break . Common , enough with overtime . Take a break and have a life this summer.  For me? I have a lot of plans actually.


This month I have gathered a couple of inspiring stories to share with you guys. We all have a great story to share to everyone. So I think whether it’s about yourself or someone else, a community or personal projects you have been working on, or a dream you’ve been dreaming about since childhood, the possibilities of reaching out to what you really want in life is the best way to strive for success. We look forward, create dreams and aspirations and then pursuing them makes us a stronger person.

I’m very much excited to tell you what I have been working on this time, more destinations less traveled which will bring myself more hopes and possibilities. So I encourage you to put your heart and soul into something you really want. The more you indulge yourself into something you really like the more intense feeling you will get in return. In addition, the priceless and thrilling moments of fulfillment can certainly put a pleasant smile on your pretty face.

I strongly suggest you gather as many information about yourself in that way you will be able to  understand yourself more deeply. Then start reflecting, ask some questions and trust me you will likely find yourself and your passion in life. It’s going to be more vivid than you can imagine.

Every trip is an opportunity for us to create our own adventure tales. Rewrite your story and create the future you want. Collect all the great moments and discover your passion.

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