Where do broken hearts go?

where do broken hearts go

“The truth is you can rip my heart out, throw it to the ground, then I’d pick it up and dust it off….
And give it back to you.”

Thank you for the good memories Bicol!

Travel adventures I guess for me by now is so wonderful. It satisfies my curiosity. And it really helps to cure a broken heart.

So what does it feel to be heart-broken? If you feel the terrible and dense pain, hard to breathe and feeling the worst in the whole world.  Then you are insane ! Joke lang.  Heart broken ka nga. Sometimes, you really can’t control of the situation .

Time heals wounds . While there is no drastic option to fix a broken heart . There is always a cure.

People came to our life for various reasons .Sometimes, people are meant to stay with you but they get out of our lives for good reasons…Kagaya ng mga naunang posts ko about love in general. We should all move on . Ang importante ay ang mga bagay na natutunan natin sa ating mga pagkakamali. Natuto tayo tumayo sa sandaling pagkakadapa…Sigh ang emo ko na naman …Something really pushed me to write  about this ..Kainis lang.

I really should  move on from this phase.  It’s hard pero try pa din natin. We’ve created so much memories with those people who came and gone into our lives. That’s the only thing we can cherish as the past cannot be rewritten…

And for you, believe me I’m in a rush for falling in love for someone else so that I can erase you inside my heart.


I am currently fixing a  broken heart that’s why I travel a lot. I admit that it opened my eyes to view possibilities. I don’t say you meet and hook up . It’s not that. Always remember , there is still life after having your heart crushed . Live a new life.

I know , I will come back as a changed person.

For awhile , I met people on the road and counted them as friends. I faced all my fears. I tried to challenge myself and I got to embrace myself as me on my travel journey.

I can perfectly understand traveling wont totally heal your broken heart but will ultimately fix it at a faster rate. In the meantime, I will continue to travel and find myself. And I feel happy because of that.No matter what happens to me , traveling will always be part of me and I am about to embrace it more . I am currently lost  and I am trying to find my destination. I hope I can re-route myself in the right direction.

So tell me, where do broken hearts go?


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