I always nurse the thought of flying. If I could fly to the moon I certainly will. I look at the state of where the plane would take me. I mean I know where I am going but I don’t know exactly what I am about to experience. I can imagine the anticipation of a new place which I will soon discover. That’s the reason I always pick the window seat so I can see the world below: miniature roads with unspoiled, breathtaking landscapes and other scenic spots, sail boats and yachts plus the friendly pillowy clouds and some clouds that look like a demonic marshmallows that infect the sky and then change into happy faces, flying saucers and other things you can imagine.

I just simply love air travel. Air travel saves a lot of time as it covers a thousand of kilometers in a few minutes or hours.

Looking back, I personally believe traveling has shaped me over the years into a more confident and self assured person. It gave me the opportunity to get away and get back into the swing of things. We get a little bit tired and difficult sometimes but traveling certainly showed me the right path and gave me one direction. I was able to build quite a few connections and counted them as friends. Most of them have the same love of travel as I do. Getting to know a couple of complete strangers in one particular destination would be an incredible experience.


PHOTO ABOVE: The view from the plane window- Puerto Princesa- Manila,  March 2013

“There is a trick to flying. The angels told me.” He had smiled at my wide-eyed awe. “You need to forget everything you know as a human being. When you are human, you discover that there is great power in hating the earth. And it can almost make you fly. But it never will.”
I had frowned, not quite understanding him. “So, what’s the trick?”
“Love the sky.” ― Anne Fortier, Juliet