Trust me, you will never run out of food while you are in Sagada. There are many cheap accommodations in Sagada with a common kitchen so majority of the tourists buy food and cook them inside their lodges. Tourists simply buy food at the local market.

Sagada is the 5th class municipality  in the province of Mountain province in the Philippines. Admittedly, the Philippine Tourism industry brings a lot of great and positive impact on Philippine culture. When a tourist visits a new destination, it feels like you are compelled to know about the rich history and culture of a place. One can get to explore and discover the very best of a nature destination that gives them loads of inspiration. You just have to simply understand the way of life and where too look for a perfect sight seeing. And once you get home, you will be able to share the experience and the things you learned about can create awareness of protecting their culture.


One of the interesting fact about Sagada is the variety of rice they offer. Well they have plenty as far as I can remember after a series of chitchat with a couple of restaurant owners and locals. Red rice is the most favorite instead of the white rice because of the nutrients you get. I was told red rice can only be found in Sagada. Sagada red rice is grown and harvested from the mountains and the lush green rice terraces. So I was kind of like more interested with the selection of rice in Sagada.

Sagada has several eating places which I will enumerate in this post. If you have the value for money and searching for incredibly delicious treats in this town, you can now have your pen and paper handy as I am about to name some of the restaurants we had the opportunity to explore.

So are you ready? If you are searching for the best food in Sagada, you should let the local’s palates point you in the right direction.


Kusina Ysagada-  Give yourself the ultimate casual dining experience only at Kusina Ysagada.  Kusina Ysagada offers American traditional dish, Asian with breakfast, lunch, sandwiches and vegetarian meals. If you are on the look out for a serious hearty meal and you are budget friendly then I would strongly suggest you check Kusina Ysagada out. Satisfy your tastebuds in a restaurant with a glimpse of a local art.


Lemon Pie house- The restaurant is known for its delicious lemon pies obviously as the restaurant name implies. They also serve egg pies. coffee and other sandwiches. Complimentary wifi connection for their customers can be taken advantaged here too. Now if you want to bring home lemon pie make sure you pre-order them a day in advance to avoid inconvenience as their stock runs out.


Yoghurt house- This is one of my personal favorite restaurant. If you just want to hang out after a hiking or spelunking trip then head to Yoghurt house and have a good time. A few minutes of walk downhill and it is located near the the tourist center which is just a few distance away from the  municipal hall. Yoghurt house opens from 7am and closes late at 9pm. Aside from their famous yoghurt they also serve pasta dishes and sandwiches. Don’t miss yoghurt house when you are in Sagada.


Log Cabin Restaurant- This restaurant is open for dinner only. Located right in front of Strawberry Cafe is best known for their Saturday Night buffet featuring the cooking and kitchen style of a french native chef. Meal starts at Php150 to Php500. You may get in touch with them +639205200463 for reservation.


Kimchi Restaurant- Savor the taste of Korea. Be acquainted with the rustic interior and feel at home with their artistic furnitures with tribal details in every corner of the restaurant. Don’t forget to try their pork and chicken adobo with potatoes and rice for as low as Php120. Kimchi Restaurant is highly recommended eating place while you are in Sagada.

There you have it. These are just some of the eating places we tried. You too can suggest other food establishments you discovered. Feel free to leave comments below so if ever I come back. We all know where to go. I am just loving the thought of eating lately. I just realized we just have to know where to find the best eating places in town

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored trip and made possible by Project Dora. Thanks to Joshua Berida for allowing me to post his Log Cabin image and Jomar Hirata for the Kimchi Restaurant’s chicken adobo image. Both Joshua and Jomar were part of Project Sagada which took place last December 27-31, 2012. 

Happy New Year Fellow Wanderers!

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