Food Photography Tips to Make Mouth Watering Images

We all eat all kinds of food each day, and for most people it is just a normal part of life and they do not think much about it. However lately I started to realize that the food that I was eating was ultimately worth taking a closer look at, rather than just put it in the fork or spoon and start gulping it down.

Chefs spend time decorating plates to make them look artistic, not just presentable. And it certainly makes a difference on the whole culinary and dining experience. This led me to start appreciating the food I prepare, and the food that I am served much more, and I got into the habit of taking photos of the plate of food before starting to eat.

Food photography is truly exciting because there are so many things you can show from a photo. From the colourful blend of the ingredients used, to the texture, you just want to have that photo make you feel hungry and yearning to taste that particular plate.

Top-view shots of plates were the way I started of course because they are the simplest to take and to get right. I always make sure that there is proper light so that the colors look as vivid as they are in reality.

The light should not be coming from right above the plate, as otherwise there will be a shadow. It needs to be from the front side or else from the side.

Food Photography Tips to Make Mouth Watering Images

I find that it is very important to choose the color of the plate wisely. You should opt for a color that will bring out the contrast with the colors of the food itself. This will make the photo look more beautiful. The same applies to the color of the table top or the tablecloth.

Certain foods look better in a photo if you show their texture. This is especially the case with soups. So you may wish to try to insert a spoon in the soup, for example. Or cut the meat roll or pie so as to show the inner filling in the photo.

The angle that you take the photo is also important. It also depends on the kind of food you are going to shoot. For instance, a large burger with a pile of fries, is better shot at an angle to show the ingredients within it, rather than at the top where you will simply be capturing the top of the bun.

So you need to plan your shots so as to make sure that you are truly showing the most important aspects or features of that kind of dish. Looking through the lens from different angles certainly helps to help you make up your mind on the best possible angle.

Food photography can become a hobby because you can save your photos and create an album or even a personal recipe book. It is exciting and not that difficult because you ultimately eat every day. I have found that it has actually been a way to make me become more original and innovative about my food preparations, and this has led me to eat more healthy and diversified foods.

Also, thanks to the popularity of social media platforms, I get to share my food photos with friends, and it is really exciting to hear their views on my photos. So as you can see food photography holds a great deal of satisfaction, it is beneficial in various ways, and it is truly enjoyable. I hope that you will try to snap some photos of the food you will be eating today so as to see for yourself!

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