#GiveFromTheHeart with Cadbury Dairy Milk

The pandemic may have changed the way we connect with our loved ones. But we know, love surely endures. The virtue of giving has not left people’s hearts and minds. People still find it in their hearts to see the bigger picture by donating to good causes, sending care packages, and expressing their thoughts for the people they can’t physically reach. As simple as these gestures may be, they are grounded in sincerity. That’s why this Valentine’s Day, Cadbury Dairy Milk encourages everyone to #GiveFromTheHeart with the Cadbury Dairy Milk limited edition Valentine products.

#GiveFromTheHeart with Cadbury Dairy Milk

Through simple yet meaningful and sincere gestures such as gifting everyone’s favorite chocolate, you can share the love, and put a smile on people’s faces. Featuring the Cadbury Valentine’s Pop-heart bar, you can share the love in a unique way by quite literally popping a heart out of the delicious chocolate bar. Cadbury Dairy Milk will also feature chocolate bars with designed sleeves, where you can add your own sweet and personal message, for every bar you give. Whether you give Cadbury Dairy Milk on its own or with something else, your heart and love will show.

“This Valentine’s Day may be different, but we can still show people we care about them whilst social distancing. Through Cadbury Dairy Milk, we know people are still very eager to spread the love, and no gesture is too small as long as it comes from the heart.” Stefano Andrei Soriano, Mondelez Philippines Chocolates Category Lead said.

Just like PBB Alumni Ashley Del Mundo and Tan Roncal, they definitely did #GiveFromTheHeart. “Missing all my loved ones who I can’t physically be with right now. Good thing, I can still show genuine acts of sincerity to our loved ones even if there is distance between us,” said by Ashley in her recent post. Basketball Player Scottie Thompson also shared his sentiments about showing love this season, “Love is not just about sweetness. It should be a mixture of dedication, sincerity, and commitment.”

Available at leading supermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce stores nationwide and select flower stores like Designer Blooms, Cadbury Dairy Milk packs retails at PHP55.50 for 62g and PHP155.00 for 160g, while the Pop-heart bar retails at PHP140.00 for 150g. #GiveFromTheHeart today and share the sweetness with the people you love today.

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