Saying goodbye is never easy. One day, we’ll meet again … I’ll never forget you….

kita nyo ba ako ? =)

The trip to Bolinao from Manila via victory liner  took 8 hours and a little bit more because of several stop overs.( kapagod talaga ang biyaheng ito). We arrived there at exactly 9 pm feeling so exhausted …I was really tired and sleepy that night so myself and a friend of mine asked couple of trike drivers a cheap but nice place  where we could stay for the whole night .  El Pescador saved our day =) for only 1500 per room . I wont forget the classy room and style of the hotel . The place is magnificent i could not ask for more ….

The next morning , we decided to take a quick tour of the island =) i will spare you the details one at a time =)

The Church of St. James was built by the Augustinian Recollects in 1609

It is a beautiful town. Even the  town center, with the old church and the food stalls on the side of the town’s gymnasium is already worth the trip.

Bolinao is such a well-kept secret (kahit mistulang ghost town). I guess it must be the distance. It is actually isolated, and visitors to Bolinao need to have this town as the destination, not just a side-trip.

Im so glad i was able to  catch a glimpse of Bolinao……..


We headed to Puerto del sol where we spent our fantastic beach experience , I was a little disappointed , it was low tide and at low tide, swimming was impossible, unless one would walk thru  half a kilometer of rocky and mossy sea bottom to reach the deeper water…. but still  IT was extremely a great ADVENTURE worth remembering…


There are a lot of alternative accommodations in Bolinao, with small resorts dotting the entire stretch of the cape. These smaller resorts offer aircon or non-aircon rooms to suit the traveler’s budget. My guess is that even in summer, visitors will find a bed, if not a space to pitch a tent, in beautiful Bolinao

something you should not miss , pay a visit to TUMMY TEASERS

There are several caves in Bolinao too. However, those into serious cave exploration will be disappointed. No, they are not like the Jenolan Caves, nor the caves in Sagada. The caves in Bolinao are small, and have been converted into resort-type underground swimming pools. The most famous is Enchanted Cave, where the cast of Marimar once shot a scene with actors Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Do not expect to see marvelous stalactites and stalagmites

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION is available. There is a Victory liner and  a FIVE STAR bus in town, on the way back to Metro Manila. A check with their website showed that rides to Bolinao can be taken from either their Pasay or Cubao terminals. Call them for actual schedules and fares.

I will definitely be back in Bolinao

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