If you saw me in class, you would have noticed that I was active in many school organizations and got really high grades. You would also have seen that I dressed well and that I used to go out with my best buddies.

But you would not have known that I am seriously talking and thinking about life these days .
Then I suddenly remembered my bitterness in grade school. I was a consistent honor student . Now I am bragging. Well that’s the stuff that bragging rights are made for.
“Nakapagdonate ka na ba sa school? If there is none . I am sorry.”

Every graduation I hear this from the same person who I guess is still up to now pushing candidates for graduation with honors to simply donate or maybe donate a gold-plated medals that will be distributed during recognition and graduation day.


All the years of hardwork memorizing lectures, analyzing computations, joining quiz bee competitions, active in many extra curicular activities went unrecognized. I had a few rich classmates who eventually elevated to top 10 . Unfortunately I was moved out of the magic 10. ” Hayun nakikanta nalang ako sa Graduation Hymn namin na ” Through the Years” ni Kenny Rogers.

Yes , I graduated in elementary school with flying colors. I never received any medals at all but it was alright at least my parents surprised me with a whole fried chicken. Ayos ! Solve na ko dun.
After that experience I did not strive harder in highschool . I was still active in school clubs and other organizations though. I still joined contests like spelling and quiz bee competitions. I was once a feature editor and photojournalist in school . I really had a good time in school. The lessons I learned in grade school was  just to have fun . In high School , at least I learned something more about trees , birds and all about nature. It was also in High School when I first traveled outside of Metro Manila . I represented my school for the  Secondary Schools Press Conference. It was really an incredible experience.


jump shot
Our journey needs to start by taking a big leap of faith.You don't always need wings to fly.

But just like before, I am graduating without any medals whatsoever. Who cares, after all I am wearing a real smile on my face.
I personally thank the new technology . I was able to get in touch with some of my classmates in grade school . Some of the honor rolls have settled down. They now have their own family , others crossed in a wrong path. I traveled to many places  and I am so glad and thankful that I am in the right direction.
Yes Graduate na ako ! I recently received a job offer from a top corporation with a very attractive compensation and other perks. It’s not my dream job but you will never know if I end up working in a travel show or anything that involves in tourism and travel. I really enjoy life right now. I never had that gold medal in my life but I can proudly tell you  that I had a great time in school and in my life.
I know there are still corrupt officials not just in school but also some government officials around. Trust me , these people exist. And I pity them. I wish that they have known the joy or happiness of being part of a great story that puts kids to sleep at night  and share it to the world. I thought , sometimes,  nakakatulog din kaya sila ng mahimbing? It’s a fact that somewhere down the road someone hates them for what they did.
I believe hard times can really make you a better person. I am totally committed to accomplish something for myself. There are so many things on my mind right now. A sudden bursts of sudden wants which I don’t want to have , but I think have. At least for now I have clues. It’s really time to determine and choose a career I liked.

I would not change what I have gone through because I am proud of what I have become.


Big Leap of Faith

Thank you for the people I once met . Thank you for sharing your own inspiring adventures and quests. That’s an amazing experience. Now I know which path I am going to take.

 A journey starts with a single step so start taking baby-steps to find your strength.


GRADUATION, CROSSROADS AND A BIG LEAP OF FAITH is an  entry to Pinoy Travel Bloggers’ Blog Carnival for March 2012 with the theme “Leap of Faith: When Traveling Changed My Life,” Reiza Dejito of Wander If You Must hosts this edition of the blog carnival.

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