happier moments @ Java Avenue ELBI

@jave avenue

August 19, 2011

Java Avenue, the place to be along Lopez Ave. A spacious area to relax and dine with friends, family and colleagues, to enjoy dinner and drinks… Events are frequent with bands from all over the Philippines…

They have a range of tropical drinks, mixed cocktails, frozen cocktails, shaken drinks and a variety of top shelves…Wine, beer, brandy ,coffee and a lot more seem to be the order of the day – except wait – they have a selection  of drinks from the freshly brewed italian coffee , they  can guarantee you the best coffee in town, from a simple cafe americano to a latte and to a cool frappe, which ever you like Java Avenue can make it upon any request of the customer…The bar too just in case you want to know is in LB Square which has been popular amongst the different age groups, as they  cater for ALL! See you there soon.

happier moments @ Java Avenue ELBI=  chinchan

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