Hello everyone, wanna touchbase with you the things that happened to me within the last 24 hours and so far the day has been a good one. I was a little sad these past few months , but I am in control of my life again, so I can fight my sadness and win! Tommorow , I will be celebrating my birthday. And I made a decision to stop counting … Tumanda na naman ako ng isang taon …. Yii … Everyone help me blow out the candles .. My Life’s been so amazing . Yes birthday ko po…And I am now accepting gifts… In cash or in-kind. And at the same time chinchanlakwatsero is celebrating another year of blogging… Kudos!!!

My birthday wish???  Starlight, star-bright, wish I may. wish I might … And you know the rest ….
MMM I wanna buy something for myself…How about a new phone? or a laptop? dami naman sa Tipid pc hihihi. How about donating for PAWS or Bantay kalikasan.( typed the creditcard myself) —-cvv code matches our record ….

So far what i got was ummmmm, let me think … headache… yes headache. But Im still wide awake . I could not believe I am still awake . No sleep for 27 hours already. Earlier today . I had a small celebration with friends/officemates somewhere in Ortigas. Didnt realize I will be smashed I was really drunk but remained so composed  … I know first of all that  I am not going to sustain my powers because I dont have enough sleep .. Lucky myself I managed to get home safe. And  with just a cup of coffee..or I would rather say not just one cup of coffee , not two cups of coffee but 5 glasses of coffee today … Yiiii… I feel so alive again


Seriously,  what I got was umm….Peace of mind. A moment of stillness… Something I have  wanted to do  for atleast  few months now.  So in my next post or in my future posts I am going to write something for everyone  in my life naman  who deserves to be recognized or to be written.. There are several lists of them I am going to make …


And I think thats it for now…This year I want something from myself . ( laughter and happiness) meron pa pala … Money ♫ money ♪ money ♫ hihihi…I want to be the kindest person on earth … That is very deep….

 I am glad I went outside and  met beautiful people ..It feels ultimately great when you inspire people and thats what i will continue to do this year and for the rest of my life .. Thanks to you .. I have no idea what you are talking about , yet I still want you to prove your worth…  I might go outside more often.. watchatink?


Thank you all for the greetings.  I have several networking sites . I may not be able to respond in a timely fashion but I sincerely appreciate it . I  read all your posts and comments seriously. I really appreciate your time and patience with me . Many thanks to bloggers I made who always believe in me. That somehow , trust my abilities and let me believe myself Im good in creative writing.. OMG guess my creative skills work this time… Thanks to my family .Mother,Father, brothers and sisters happy brush your teeth =). My surrogate family (Dee-Consumido Family) for adopting me . And I apologize for being such an idiot with many things… My friends back in school. Friends i made at work. MY bosses. MY best test friend. Mon, Sheg, Angel, Bhang,  My tropang Quezon family , People who broke my heart .. You know who you are …

I now drift off to sleep … and hopefully in my subconscious,  new changes will start to work as I sleep. Or the next morning  I am awake , I am ready  for the new day  and face the changes that will happen in my life..

I had a great time with you guys. Ace, Tristan, Mara, Ann, Paolo and Yeoji ( dont know how to spell your name but i know how i pronounce it) I will see you guys around…

Cheers to everyone celebrating their birthday . Hope your dreams and wishes will come true. Dream . Plan . explore….

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