The gift

Its a great month to exchange wedding vows , Isn’t it? 
First of all, I just wanna say thank you people for reading all my posts . I really appreciate everything most specially to people who never forget to greet me on a daily basis. My blog may not always be pleasing to everyone’s eyes, nor will it always be heavy in the heart. ***wink (emo)—- but i dare you to read  it with kindness. I want to say thank you for taking interest in what i may have to share to the whole blogworld .=)

Last year, quite a small group of young wedding organizers and coordinators gathered in a special wedding event . As a young wedding organizer, we wanted to create our own masterpieces of a wedding ceremony, venue is one of the major things to consider . So far the event turned out to be perfect . Soft romantic  music , candles and flowers are all over the place . Serenaded by nature, love birds and soft music. Ahh would truly  be the ultimate reward for two people in love. 
Your romantic wedding can become a reality quite easily. This is a unique way to provide, and enjoy a calm, romantic environment for the lucky couple and the guests as well. With a little good planning, and some great ideas, your wedding day, could be the time of your life. Your wedding night will be a day that everybody will remember for a very long time.
I am going to update you soon when my next event will be. I have 3 major event coming up this year and just a few minor  ones. Like i said from my previous posts , a have an ambitious lists of events and trips this year and hopefully they will all materialize. Thanks for reading

My first event with young wedding coordinators

the venue is at Eugenio Lopez Center helipad

wedding vows before sunset

Tita and our official photographer

huddle before the event

wedding coordinators with their killing smile

 happy love MONTH to you!!!

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