Head Turner: How To Be a Selfie Expert

How to be a selfie expert

Selfies can be described as quite a phenomenon. Up to a few years back very few people would have tried to take a selfie, especially since cameras were bulky and it was practically impossible to snap a good photo of oneself without knowing what you are shooting. After many failed attempts where you end up with countless of useless photos where your face is only half visible or too close to the lens making you look like a blown up balloon, you just give up.

But as more and more smartphones started to offer a front-facing camera option, the selfies fad, quite simply, exploded. Part of this phenomenon is also attributed to the fact that many people like to regularly share photos on their social media accounts, such as Facebook and Instagram. So to a certain extent, selfies can be considered as a way of expressing oneself, as well as a good way to keep track of what you did over time.

If you want your photos to be the best, you may have to do a little bit of editing before they are posted.

Many are literally fanatic about taking selfies, so much so that sometimes it is not just a silly or harmless craze. There have been cases where people got injured as they tried to snap a selfie in dangerous places. To a certain extent selfies can thus be related to people becoming addicted to this act several times a day, such that wherever they go they just have to take a selfie. It can also be conducive to people becoming more narcissistic, which is not healthy.

However, as long as you can be safe and do not get too addicted to this trend, there is nothing wrong in taking selfies from time to time. If so far you only managed to snap a very small percentage of really good selfies, you may want to learn some tricks to become more skilful at this. You do not have to be a professional photographer of course, as anyone can shoot selfies. The following tips might come in handy and you could actually become a selfie expert.

Head Turner: How To Be a Selfie Expert

  • Lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider when shooting any photo, including a selfie. Indoor lighting is sometimes not good enough. It is best to be outdoors, where there is natural light, but you also need to make sure that there is not too much sunlight. If there is too much sun behind you the photo can end up with lots of shadows. So it is best to face the sun, while making sure you do not end up squinting though.
  • Be aware of what is in the background. Sometimes the selfie could be just great if only there wasn’t something silly behind you or next to you. A solid colour, a unique texture, or a nice view could work wonders.

Head Turner: How To Be a Selfie Expert

  • Try different poses and angles so as to find one that you like best. Choose a pose that makes you look more flattering. Sometimes even a slight tilt of the head could make a huge difference. Try to find the best pose that makes your face look balanced and symmetrical.

The beauty of today’s cameras and mobile devices is that they can take hundreds of pics at a rapid pace. So click away!

  • Snapping several selfies is a good way to end up with some good ones. This is easier with most smartphones as it is all a matter of a couple of extra clicks!

The more pics you take the better your chances are of capturing a really awesome photo.

  • Even if you have the front facing camera option you may wish to use the back camera since the resolution is generally much better.

Watch out for any photo bombers.

  • Watch out for any photo bombers.

The beauty of today’s cameras and mobile devices is that they can take hundreds of pics at a rapid pace. So click away!

  • Consider editing before posting your selfies on social media. Many people simply share a selfie as soon as they snap it, without bothering to check how it really looks. With a couple of minutes editing you could remove various little defects such as red eye, the color, or simply cropping it.

So make a silly face or wear a crazy hat. If you’re doing a group selfie get everyone to make crazy faces like they are surprised, scared, sexy, whatever. Just have fun. The end result will be worth it!

  • And finally, do check how you look before you start snapping away.  For girls, it is useless to expect a selfie to turn out to be good if your hair is dishevelled or your make-up is smudged.

Please share your selfie suggestions in the comments section below. If you can share your best selfie practices I would love to see it.

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