A lot of locals introduced the activity at a very high price ranging from P2000 to P2500 per person.

Marine Walk is one of the most enjoyable 30 minute activities in Boracay Island, Philippines.

While walking along the long beach of the island we met Mang Rolando who gave us a very tempting discounted price of P1000. At first I taught this was the best price I could get for the Marine Walk, so I exchanged contact numbers with Mang Rolando and reserved the 11am schedule the following day.

Me , Marion  and Nat  went on with our stroll and continue to meet locals who offered the same activity at P2000-P2500 but no one is better than Mang Rolando’s price. He was telling us a lot of things about the Marine Walk. He said we can get free pictures and videos underwater and they will give us a DVD copy of it. Cool diba?

Nat enjoying feeding the fish

under the sea =)

i felt like i was carrying heavy loads

run run run
Basic underwater signals
1. Thumbs Down = Go Down

                                                           2. Thumbs Up = Go Up 

3. OK Sign (Finger formation is like letter “d”) = OK 
4. All fingers pointing forward then wave hand = Problem
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