A couple of weeks ago, I have seen on television that Time Magazine featured Ilocos . And it has given a really great write up …So I’ll start with a fantastic experience when i visited Ilocos Sur

The name is really Hidden… Yes it is hidden. It is one of the most beautiful attractions in the area . 

Since it’s in an isolated area of Ilocos Sur some backpackers fail to pass by and get the most of the attractions. 

I am so glad that we got the perfect kalesa tour guide . It was about 160-200 pesos per hour but you can ask for a discount luckily for us we got it for a hundred so we really made the most out of it….The travel time takes 20-30 minutes from the old town vigan. We love picture takings so we did not waste our time taking photos of everything that we thought was beautiful.

Atlast we finally got to the place. The Hidden Garden sells variety of  plants at a reasonable prices. Bonsai, orchids and other ornamental plants . They have landscape services too. Isn’t cool? 

The place is very relaxing, full of blooming flowers, wooden benches, trees and other plants everywhere. People are so friendly and warm like me =).

There’s also a coffeshop around which is famous for Ilocos delicacies like bagnet, empanada longganisa and a lot more. Are you  thirsty? Buko juice and other fruit shakes are there too. It was a juanderful trip including the kalesa ride. So again, do not forget to include Hidden Garden as part of your itinerary …

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