[HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS] Holy Week Destinations in the Philippines

I spent the Holy Week at our home in Metro Manila last year which is what we normally do. I know most of you folks have plans of getting away somewhere during the Holy Week. Commercial establishments and government offices close their operations during the Holy Week from Maundy Thursday until Black Saturday.

This Lenten Season, I would not be surprised to see many tourists at the airports, bus terminals and other tourist attractions in the country. Holy Week in the Philippines is a significant event for Filipino Catholics. It is a season of penance, reflection, and fasting which prepares us for Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday, through which we attain redemption.

Since majority of the Filipinos are Catholics, others are encouraged to visit Catholic Churches and participate in Lenten activities. However for those adventure seekers, there are several places to visit and observe the national events of Holy Week in the Philippines. Manila life slows down a little bit as most people get away to see the different beaches and travel destinations in the country.

We truly feel the heat of the summer sunshine and everyone can tell because the heat of the sun invites us for a worthwhile trip out of town and a sign that it’s time to wear those skimpy bikinis and hit the beach. Boracay Island must be very crowded these days but that’s not a problem because the Philippines boasts a scenic and fantastic white sandy beaches waiting to be explored. Remember to always leave the destination clean and pristine the same way you found it.



The province of Zambales is indeed a perfect jump off point for people who want to start exploring the northern side of Luzon which is near Metro Manila. Other interesting sights to see are the nearby islands of Nagsasa, Capones and Camara. These amazing destinations in Zambales can be reached from Pundaquit, Zambales in about 15-30 minute boat ride which offer secluded beaches.



Pangasinan province is known with other white-sand beaches that are undeniably pristine and less crowded even during the high season. In addition to the Hundred Islands, Pangasinan is also blessed with a surprisingly fine white sand and clear blue water which is called Patar beach which is located in Bolinao.


port barton images


Port Barton beach itself is an amazing strip of fine white sand and great for a quick swim. There are roughly over ten pristine white sand islands, a number of top-notch dive and snorkelling sites and even a couple of waterfalls which I am about to explore very soon. Please be aware though that electricity is usually available between the hours of 10 A.M. and midnight. This amazing sleepy beach town is located a bit off the beaten track, which makes getting there all the more exciting for every tourists who like to visit the place.




ANGUIB BEACH, CAGAYAN is a happy beach. Unspoiled white sand beach. Turquoise clear water. And above all not too crowded.

If you’re planning to stay overnight, one must have tents with them as the only areas at the beach to rest are cottages which is great for those who want to stay and up for a picnic day tour. The sandbar is wide and long enough for everyone to walk in the sand and the trees also add up to the charm of the beach. Its sand may not be as fine as the ones in Boracay and in Bantayan or in Malapascua Beach, but the clear waters certainly will complete your stay.




If you’re up for a beach bumming and not into the party scene of boracay and those who want to search for a real solitude then this beach is an ideal destination for you. Tourists  whether foreign or local visit Bantayan during the Holy Week, and the island has since been called the “Lenten Capital of the Visayas.”




A long stretch of beach with powdery soft white sand surrounded by rolling hills without any commercial establishments. Aquamarine waters joined with marine life with bright blue waves dancing at the shore. Calaguas Island is my kind of beach that is dubbed as the happy beach in the Philippines, truly unspoiled, unassuming and pristine. I hope it stays that way.



The Sumilon sandbar is highly noted for its changing and shifting patterns depending on the time of year. This spot right here is my personal favorite part of the island is the shifting White Sand Bar Beach where you can swim, snorkel and have a picnic with your special someone.




If you’re more adventurous one must cross a stream or a river. Fun yet tough and very challenging specially for a beginners. An incredible experience plus the scenic views can be enjoyed in Baler. Get lost on purpose in the province of Aurora. Aurora is almost the same size of Metro Manila and  the 2nd class municipality in the province of Aurora. Baler is the Surfing capital of Aurora province. It is known not only for surfing but also for its historical sites.




Palaui Island is located off the northeastern extremity of Luzon Island, the largest island in the country. It is a part of the town of Santa Ana, Cagayan. A protected area with unspoiled and pristine beaches, uninhabited islands, scenic and breath-taking view. A Spanish era lighthouse built during the early spanish times is located at the highest point of the island. It is still functional powered by solar batteries and an automatic switch with time delay.




It looks like a Batanes’ famed landscape – Goats wandering and carabao grazed at the quiet area of Nagudungan hill. I have never seen such a jaw-dropping cliffs that are noticeably and distinctively marked by a number of superficial land formations and caves. Needless to say, Nagudungan Hill could be one of the most scenic seascapes in the Philippines.




Getting off the beaten track of Calayan Island makes for an extra rewarding experience while you stay overnight at the Sibang Beach. We wanted every moment to be a learning experience for all of us. Our camping adventure at the Sibang beach also reminds me of our trip in Calaguas in 2012.


We now have a lot of choices these days. I know there are so many more destinations to visit in the country today to enjoy OUR SUMMER getaway! Where ever you are what is more important is we become obedient by trying to listen deeply to what God is saying in the depths of our heart.

Please leave your questions and suggestions at the comment page below regarding the beach, itineraries, transportation, or hotel accommodations.