SAGADA Cave Connection – Lumiang to Sumaguing cave

The dancing orbs created by my own imagination is the only thing I can imagine inside the vast sea of darkness. It was refreshingly cool inside which is way in contrast to the humid air outside. I found myself crawling into the ground and it was as if we are heading towards the never ending journey underworld. In case you are not aware, I am enjoying spelunking and caving. Last year, a group of young wanderers including myself visited Sagada. We were part of the Sagada’s annual event called Bonfire Festival which normally happens every 27th or 28th of December. It was our moment to feast for food, such a brilliant extravaganza of delicious local food, smiling faces of the people and a happy little trip down memory lane as expected.


One of the memorable moments inside the cave. I was struggling with the thought of losing my grip. Admittedly, I was really nervous. This was just the beginning. The four hours of sliding on the rock, crawling in the deep and dark underworld, climbing in the vast of darkness, trekking and clinging to the rocks. Those are simply an extra ordinary moments you too should experience.


First we have to determine the difference of spelunking from caving.

Caving is the exploration of natural caverns in the earth.
Spelunking is the touristic visitation of wild caves.

Basically the difference in between caving and spelunking are the purpose and your intentions. If you want to document the magical wonders of the caves, explore and gain knowledge from it then that is caving. However, if your intention is to simply visit the caves with out any kind of justification then the right term is spelunking. Does it make sense?

We entered through the Lumiang Cave and was welcomed by a burial site inside followed by a pool of water with ropes that we need to hold on to traverse. And finally, it was time to exit the Sumaguing cave and ended with the spelunking experience. More photos will come your way shortly including the “TUNNEL”.


There are a lot of stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. Do not be confused, think of it this way Ceiling for C in stalaCtites and Ground for g as in stalaGmites. So stalactites are seen from the top while stalagmites start from the ground.


A great benefits of barefoot walking to feel the smoothness of the rock. Some slipppry steps leading to the interior of the cave. The cave is slippery, but there’s a railing made of rope to hold on to avoid accident but make sure you really hold on tight.


The best is yet to come…So what to expect in the Cave Connection experience? I tell you a little later….


Well just in case you haven’t tried caving and spelunking, I strongly encourage you to do so. You have to conquer that fear and crawl underground. Feel the mud and the dirt which I’m sure you will love the experience. Caving can be a fun and rewarding experience. You just have to use your common senses and you will be safe.

The caves in Sagada will require a little bit of a climbing and rappelling so climbing rope and an understanding is what you need to prepare when engaging in spelunking. If you are a newbie spelunker, stay away from those caves on your first journey. One of the best things to do to enjoy spelunking in Sagada is to go with an experienced guides who are familiar with the cave. You should always carry a first aid kit and necessary tools for emergency purposes.

Sagada Province is a perfect place to enjoy the wonders of nature. No wonder everyone loves this place. If you have not been to Sagada yet it’s now to the right time to enjoy your summer holiday. If you’re new to this place, you can always visit the tourist information center at the main town of Sagada. For our balikbayan or a foreigner new to the Philippines and looking for ways to calculate the exchange rate, check out currency exchange from Travelex, the best service provider which is known for supplying travellers with their currency online, in airports, railway stations and city locations.

Again, I encourage you to try something new and get lost in the ocean of new experiences. Do not forget to go underground. *wink

Have you ever gone spelunking in Sagada? How many times have you gone spelunking in Sagada? Tell us your experience by leaving comments below. We would love to hear your stories.

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