How Modafinil Benefits Hollywood Scriptwriters

A great story sparks a great idea. But, these things don’t come so easy for many scriptwriters. For some, it may take several cups of coffee before that film-worthy story comes into completion. However, script writers had to battle against fatigue, pressure and lack of motivation first before they find themselves becoming a master of their own stories. Not to mention those moments of “highs and lows” when five pages of screenplay in a day seem to be an impossible goal. There are times when even though you have constructed the scene in your mind for quite some time, the right words seem to be too elusive to be put into a good script. Therefore, scriptwriters have to remain constantly motivated, inspired and totally productive lest they won’t be able to keep their jobs. 

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But, when coffee and hours of meditation don’t seem to help them achieve their writing goals, it is time to swallow a wonder pill called Modafinil. Thus, the use of a drug that promises a lot of benefits for scriptwriters has been increasing in popularity. But, how does Modafinil become popular among Hollywood writers? The answer lies in what this drug can do for them. The following benefits of Modafinil will help you understand why Hollywood scriptwriters love this so called “smart drug”.

It helps writers stay mentally alert for long hours

It’s non-stimulant, though it acts like a stimulant, but actually this drug has a eugeroic effect on your brain. Modafinil contains an active substance that stimulates the production of histamine to promote wakefulness. If you have taken antihistamine in the past, then you will know that using Modafinil has the opposite effect. If an antihistamine drug makes you sleep, then a histamine-producing drug such as Modafinil can keep you alert. However, Modafinil does more than just that. It can also boost the functioning of neurotransmitters in the brain so that complex tasks can be carried out with optimum efficiency. 

It does not cause harmful side effects

Modafinil is considered to be a smart drug a.k.a. nootropic. Unlike other stimulants, it doesn’t make you jittery or speedy. It doesn’t have withdrawal or crash symptoms like other smart drugs. Modafinil doesn’t fill your body with too much dopamine. Due to this reason, most scientists thought the drug to be non-habit forming. It doesn’t make the user become addicted or dependent on it. On the other side, it actually helps in fighting addiction. 

It reinforces the cognitive function of the brain in various ways.

Many scriptwriters in Hollywood rely on smart drugs to beat deadlines or work overtime without a break. Squeezing out your brain of its cognitive capabilities is hard when you are under pressure. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired to produce quality content writing. Procrastination is every writer’s weakness. Modafinil helps Hollywood scriptwriters fight against this tendency. Many writers had benefited with positive neurofeedback by using this smart drug. 

It enhances one’s mood and creativity

Modafinil is an extremely well-known smart drug among Hollywood scriptwriters because it increases their resistance against fatigue. It can also boost good mood. It also improves the user’s level of motivation, vigilance, and reaction time. A study conducted by the University of Cambridge shows the efficiency of Modafinil in cutting down impulse responses such as making bad decisions. This smart drug enhances brain activity, even to sleep deprived writers. 

For scriptwriters, the struggle to create a script that entices film producers to continue reading beyond the first few pages can be daunting. But, with the help of Modafinil, this struggle becomes more bearable and less daunting. As a result, creative ideas fill a writer’s stream of consciousness. But, a word of caution though- if you are currently taking maintenance drugs for a medical condition, it is best to consult your doctor first before deciding to take Modafinil. 

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