How ‘The Hangover’ Could’ve Been So Different!

Since the movie ‘The Hangover’ was released, starring Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis among others, it has really glamourised stag do’s that men can have. Of course, your supposed, last night of freedom is about enjoying yourself and going wild – although we wouldn’t recommend following the lead of the lads and ending up in so much trouble!

Just think, that if they had enjoyed a few drinks and then gone back to the hotel room, they would’ve avoided all the controversy. Weddings, babies, tigers and that vicious shot by the ‘baddest man on the planet’ would not have happened. Hindsight, eh.

Instead they could’ve got their casino fix by downloading the Betway app where they could play now for real money stakes. It’s the same excitement, the same unpredictability and the same thrill of the casino – but from the comfort of your own phone.

The same applies to all the other stag do’s that go over to Sin City and go for a wild time. Of course, let yourself go and enjoy it, but don’t make some stupid mistakes that inevitably occur when you are let loose on the well-known strip with all forms of entertainment surrounding you.

However, the online casino games could provide a great alternative for other occasions. Let’s face it, not everyone will be able to afford Vegas and the top class hotels like The Hangover boys, but you can still experience the casino. The app allows you to play anywhere, so whether you are on a stag in your local town, or across Europe, you can have the casino nights you crave with your friends.

Plus, it’s a lot easier to put your phone down than try and leave the casinos that are designed to keep you in there and playing for as long as possible!

So, there you have it. Alan, Phil and Stu made some mistakes with their stag for Doug – who didn’t even make it out, but you don’t have to do the same. You can experience the same fun and madness, but without the controversy, it seems the safer option.

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