How to Create Good Fan Fiction?

The Internet is full of various spin-offs of popular stories. It is an important part of contemporary popular culture because such spin-offs can be composed not only by authors themselves but also by their fans. This phenomenon of modern literature is called ‘fan fiction’ and it became widely spread nowadays, especially due to the Internet. Hence, if you want to try your hand in this business, can give you several pieces of advice how to start with it.

Fan Fiction Writing Tips

If you have a gift of text creation and want to become a professional writer, compositions based on famous books or series may become a nice springboard to great popularity. Such cases are widely known; for example, the popular authoress E. L. James started her literature career from fic-writing based on “Twilight” series by Stephenie Meyer. Thus, you may take up the lead. The steps for you to start your first creation are as follows:

• Choose the basis. This step may seem obvious, but, all in all, you have to choose the novel or the series on the basis of which you will create your own.
• Select what you like. The very idea of such type of writing is to develop or create a new fantasy world on the basis of the previous one. So, remember the author which you like most and select one of his or her creations or series.
• Re-read. It would be useful to read the original version once again. Why so? It is necessary to refresh different situations given in the first story, remember the main and supporting characters, find interesting obstacles (if any), and think what or whom you may take for your own piece of text.
• Make the map of relationship. It is also helpful to make the map of the relationship between all characters included in the initial story. Thus, you will be able to see clearly what relations original figures had. It may give you many inspiring ideas for your own story.
• Select characters. Decide what characters from the original plot will be inserted in your new literature world. Usually, the majority of admirers opt for figures who were supporting in the first version and make them main characters of their own fantasy plots.
• Opt the world. You can develop the plot in the same world, which was created by the author, or can dislocate figures to another well-known world, or can even make a new world for them.
• Change the situation. It may happen so that you, as a follower, don’t agree with different situations that took place in the original plot. Thus, with the help of fan fiction, you will have a nice opportunity to change everything you want, to think out a new finale, to turn a drama into a happy ending, or just to raise your favourite figures from the dead. Such approach is very popular among admirers of different novels.

Following these simple recommendations, you will be able to build a new story on the basis of the old one. Who knows, maybe your standpoint will become even more popular than the first story!

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