Believe me , it feels ultimately great when you get to travel once in a while. I knew ever since I was a kid I wanted to travel and see the world below. There are times I even dream of getting a job that is related to traveling. Come on, realistically it’s one of highest paying jobs out there. Can you imagine yourself traveling for free and wait , there is more! You are paid just to travel. Now tell me how cool is that?

As I grow older , I became more serious about that stuff. I got addicted to Travel shows like National Geographic and the next thing comes to my mind I want to be like these people.


Then I started blogging about my trips for others to read and hopefully attract people to travel while they are young. I don’t wanna brag about the other side of blogging because I am not the right person to discuss those things but one thing is for sure that’s where I fund my wanderlust. There are so many things to learn , relearn and unlearn in this world but I bet you will never understand specially if this is not your cup of tea. But if you are in the mood to travel or let’s just say you are a newbie travel blogger ( I got several emails from aspiring travel bloggers ) perhaps you will find this blog post more interesting.

For awhile , I seriously did not want to be a travel blogger or a travel writer because I definitely know I am not. I also did not want myself to be always in front of the computer , obligated to write a single post or articles to  attract more sponsors and advertisers. I could never imagine myself answering a question with ” What are you doing now?” And the reply is “I  blog”.

I firmly believe now that this goes to show that I earn with my travel blog . I have to be honest with you that this is not my real job but I am humbly making a decent income out of this blog. I don’t wanna brag about this and I know you are very surprised to know that I earn money out of writing my recent trips , don’t worry you are not alone. I am also surprised how this happened . I have a couple of friends who really make a living now almost entirely on sponsored advertisements, sponsorships, banner ads and a lot more.

Today, I can tell you that my travel blog is a venue where I make money and work with sponsors and at the same time a place where I normally vent my feelings towards things. I work in a business process outsourcing firm as a rank and file employee and a pseudo writer while I’m on the road. Again the income I get out of this blog site is just a little giveaway.

“How do I fund my wanderlust?” I get this question most of the time from friends and readers. I just recently found out by the way I have a constant readers. So do you have a pen and paper ready?

Tip #1 Join contests online. Trust me I am a huge fan of blog contests through the internet. Join a photo caption contest, Facebook like contests, essay or feature writing contests. Try searching for online contests via Facebook or twitter. You will never know , you’ll end up to be the lucky winner.

Tip #2 Most of us love to take photographs. Taking pictures with your own camera is addictive and perhaps can even be your vocation. The potential way to earn money is to sell your photographs in a newspaper or a magazine. Or if you also want fame and fortune I strongly suggest to sell it in a complete package with an article. If your work doesn’t get published , do not lose hope. Don’t give up and please eat rejection. I got used to having my photos and articles rejected and ignored at the same time.

Tip #3 Get sponsorships or be involved in a volunteer projects. Generally, there are non government organizations around who are looking for volunteers for charity works which involves traveling too. More often than not they can send you out-of-town or out of the country. But if you don’t want to be disappointed then please expect nothing. The good thing about volunteer projects though is that you get to know what you really want , your passion and become more serious about other beliefs and cultures aside from your own. Immerse yourself with the society and try to feel like you are part of it.

Tip #4 The power of being a frugal traveler.We all manage to take amazing and incredible trips but the strategies of getting where we want to go should be very unique. Plan your trips ahead . There are low fares that are now up for grabs. Take advantage of the discounted fares. Eat meals at corner store. Know your family and/ or friends contacts , use it to your advantage if you know someone in the area.

Tip #5 Work on the road.
There are online jobs available to everyone. Or if you own a blog and you have a massive online traffic then you can use it to your advantage too. Who knows you will also end up attracting more sponsors. Write anything you want after all it’s your blog. But with all the blogs out there , you have to keep your readers engaged. Create your own identity and commit yourself to writing once or twice a week.

Tip #6 Never use credit cards. We can’t deny credit cards are very helpful for travel. You can always pay in advance for your accommodation or for your flight tickets. These magical cards are useful if you use them correctly but if in the wrong hands you might get into real trouble. So to avoid temptation always pay in cash.

Tip #7Budget, work and save. Track all your spending. Cut all your restaurants and Starbucks habit.
The bottomline here is to find a work that either finances your escapades and/or gives you the liberty to travel. Check out the rest of Pinoy Travel bloggers. Some of them might be living the life they want but most of them you will certainly find not one , not two but three slashes in between their job description. Call center Agent/blogger/photographer or English teacher/traveler/writer etc.

And if this is really what you want . Research and plan your destination. And be your own travel guide .

As much as possible I try to take trips slowly and finding out new perspectives about traveling. I must admit that traveling is what I value a lot these days. With that being said , I work online , take online surveys , reviews and writing articles. On this site you will also find useful links, advertisements and affiliated links which I earn a small amount of commissions to support my travels.

Have something to say? Feel free to contact me anytime.

See you on the road folks.



This month’s PTB blog carnival focuses on how we prepare and organize for a trip, specifically on where to get funds- be it saving money, doing something to earn while traveling on the road. This month of June , the theme is “How to Fund Your Wanderlust” hosted by James of Journeying James.