How to get to Beautiful TAYTAY Water FALLS

Like many places in the Philippines has so many tourist attractions to offer, one of which is the Scenic  Taytay Falls , Majayjay Laguna. one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines.
From Manila, take the South Luzon Tollway all the way from Nichols entry to the south end.  At the end of the tollway, take the exit that points to Lucena and simply drive along this main road until you reach the Sto. Tomas.  Sto. Tomas has two junctions, and one of which (the second) does not have any road sign when we passed by.  Anyway, on both juctions, you have to take the road to the left (westward) toward Lucena.  This will take you to San Pablo, Laguna  At San Pablo, head into town (westward) and try to get to the road that goes to Liliw, Laguna on the west side of San Pablo.  You may have to ask locals at San Pablo for directions.
Once you are out of San Pablo, simply follow the road up to Rizal and then to Nagcarlan.  Just before reaching the town proper of Nagcarlan, you may want to ask for directions to find the junction that leads to Liliw. Head for the town of Liliw then to Majayjay.

One must   get to Antipolo.  Start from the EDSA shrine at the intersection of EDSA and Ortigas Avenue.  From the EDSA shrine, head to the east side along Ortigas Avenue straight towards the foot of the mountains of Antipolo then drive  up to Antipolo.  Once you are in  Antipolo, where the road levels off,  just follow  the main road (swerve to the right on two “Y” junctions) until you begin steep descends on the other side of the mountain. This will take you through Teresa and then to the junction near Morong.

At the Morong Junction, you have to  turn left, then about a hundred meters from this junction, there is a another “Y” junction. Take the left side to bypass the towns of Baras, Tanay and Pililia. The right side will take you through each town proper where traffic will be heavier. From this point, travel will be relatively pleasant. Beautiful low lands and rice fields from Morong to Pililia then a pleasant climb on well-marked mountain roads to Bugarin with a perfect  view of Laguna de Bay then down to Mabitac, Famy, Siniloan, Pakil, Paete, Lumban then Pagsanjan.

Once you are in Pagsanjan, turn right on the main road in front of the church. This will take you through the big concrete arch marking the boundary of Pagsanjan. Then, about 3 kilometers from the arch, you will see a junction which will lead to Magdalena and Majayjay. Turn left on this junction.

Travel south to Magdalena (which is about 7 km). Then at Magdalena, the road will shift  to the right then there will be a junction. Turn left towards Majayjay (the  other direction will take you to Liliw). Follow the road from this point. There is yet another small junction close to  Majayjay. The junction has street signs leading to Majayjay, but, if you can not find the sign , you can ask locals or  just take the left turn. ( right  turn will take you to Liliw). Do not be afraid to ask questions with the locals.


Taytay falls is still about 6-8 km from Majayjay town proper.

From Majayjay town proper, you must  exit the  town eastbound towards Lucban, Quezon. About 1.5 km from town, your journey will start to shake, a bumpy ride  going down to a bridge then going up again for  a  few kilometers until you get to a junction that will take you  to Louisiana. From this junction, continue driving  towards Lucban for 3 km, then head towards the road with a sign pointing to  the Taytay falls. Turn right and take a side-road.

At the barangay, you will see signs indicating where to park your vehicle near a small barangay hall where you would be required to register and pay a fee of Php30 per head for entrance to the falls. Park your vehicle, register and prepare all your things as it would be hiking from this point on. The hike would be about 10- 15 minutes and about 800m long.  Ask some information about the area from the people at the registration area.