Feel the scorching heat and activate all the sweat glands this summer. This is the moment we have been waiting for. Do you agree with me?

burot beach

Last weekend a group of Pinoy travel bloggers made it to one of the secret paradise in the province of Calatagan , Batangas. I called it a secret paradise because it is one of those beautiful undeveloped beaches in Calatagan  and unknown to Manilenyos.

It was a very quiet undeveloped island for a short summer vacation with my travel buddies. For me Burot beach has been a very small , laid back and casual summer getaway through the years. And I bet the area has grown a lot and I am very sure that its natural beauty will never escape from any developers eye.

If you are in the quest of finding solitude , this beach in the area of Calatagan , Batangas is for you.

burot beach

Getting there is very easy . One must hop on bus at the Pasay Terminal . Buses are available as early as 4am and can be found at the back of a 24-hour Mcdonalds branch in Pasay City. Travel time takes approximately 3-4 hours depending on the traffic. Buses stop at the Calatagan Public Market , a dry market where you can buy things you need like fresh meat, fish, chips and other stuff you may need at the beach . Shop around and enjoy your shopping spree while you hunt for food and other things you need to bring. Fare from Pasay City Terminal to Calatagan Public Market is Php180.

burot beach

Take control of your finances too. Just buy something that you are sure you can use . And don’t forget to buy something to drink too. Items like soft drinks or distilled water can be sold at the beach too . But I strongly suggest you bring your own burner so you can cook your own meal. Bring flash lights, a tent , a blanket , insect repellant and so much more.

burot beach

Hire a public tricycle at the Calatagan Public Market and ask them to take you to Burot Beach. Fare can be negotiated . Normally they charge Php150 but we asked if we can get a discount and it went down to Php120 per tricycle. Make sure you get the number of your tricylce driver so you can message them as to when you would like to be picked up .

burot beach

The place is a haven for all campers. A real family and friends campground for a great outdoor activities and a hidden treasure for outdoor enthusiasts. Entrance fees can be paid at the security guard for Php120 each. There is no electricity at the beach but there is a public toilet.

Be a responsible camper. Practice a responsible tourism.
I don’t literally generalize campers but I have seen some of the garbage left behind by the people who camped before us. Please and please don’t litter at the beach. There are small dumpsters near the public toilet area where you can throw your garbage and leftovers. Bring or take your garbage with you. Don’t just leave or throw your empty cans and bottles at the shore.

Burot beach or Burot Island has been recently acquired by SM group of companies. We were very fortunate that somehow our group made it to this trip before it becomes private. According to the guards in the area , about nine months ago SM bought this place and there are no plans yet  .

I thank you Burot for the good memories.

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