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Borawan island welcomes you by the gate  of the Tamarind Tree resort ( popular resort in town) the other one is the Villa Anita. It was really hot at that time , but regardless of how heavy I was carrying .I did not mind at all because a paradise is going to welcome us there.  Read more about Borawan Island.

Summer is over but not for everyone. If you guys are still on the go for the beaches. There are few beaches in Padre Burgos, Quezon which I bet you want to visit. But first of all You need to know how to get there . Its pretty easy . Catch a bus from Manila to Lucena grand Terminal . If you will be coming from Manila , there is a Jac Bus Liner which has a daily trip to Lucena , it has wi-fi too just so you know. Now from the terminal , ride a bus to Unisan . Tell the driver to drop you off to Padre Burgos town proper. From Padre Burgos town proper, ride a tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off to Vista Playa . Tell them you want to go to Borawan island and /or Dampalitan , they will take you there. There are boats for rent and the rate depends on your skills , number of people, and the season.

The travel time by the way from Manila takes approximately 3.5 hours …..




Dampalitan Island is a 10-15 minute boat ride from the Vista Playa Restaurant , that’s where you can find boats to rent. You can always ask   for a reasonable  price for the  boat ride but again that depends on your haggling skills. Prices vary from the number of heads or perhaps the number of islands you would like to visit .



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