First of all, I wish you find my site valuable and useful. Every day is a learning process and that’s the reason I practice, read, write to improve my English communication skills.

I have always wanted to connect with people around the world who have the same love of travel as I do. I love to learn something new like learning a different language. I personally want to thank Kaplan International Colleges for running a wonderful contest about learning English Programs.

I am going to share with you some of the tips to learn the English Language. Please have your pen and paper handy. The ultimate way to learn the language is to practice and write as often as you can. Actually, I got used to having my articles and stories rejected. Who cares? I eat rejection. The taste is so sweet.I need to grow and develop a thick skin. I don’t take it personally.

You have to read a lot. Since I love to travel, I read guide books, travel and leisure magazines. I don’t limit myself to one area of travel and lifestyle just yet. There are so many things I need to work on. I read only for pleasure but I guess this time I will pay attention to the vocabulary and content used when reading novels.

Another way to start learning the English language is through a blog. Anyone in the world can blog as long as you have an internet access. It’s free and you can always write when you want to write. You always have the freedom of choosing your own topic. Commit yourself to English writing if you really are eager to learn the art of English Language.

I have done this many times. I have friends in Canada, USA, Australia and in New Zealand. We often talk through Skype and also try an exchange of travel stories via email. I personally believe that when you are in an environment where English is the first language, you will improve very quickly because everyone around you speaks in their native language.

So next time you have enough spare cash for a vacation, why not make it a learning experience and take a trip to America or Canada. If you’re just going for an opportunity to speak and learn the language, and don’t have any specific time you need to be there, you have more freedom to shop around for the cheapest flights. There are also English classes or programs available in different countries. Learning tools like tutorial books and audio recordings are available online or you can download some on the internet.

I am a big fan of Travel shows like National Geographic Channel. So you have to consider watching English television programs like news, talk shows and movies as well so you can familiarise yourself with the vocabulary being used.

Think English. That’s the best way to learn English. You can not always talk and speak about something you don’t know and you can speak and write with authority if you consistently expose yourself to it. Immerse yourselves in English-speaking culture and interact with an English speaker. The more varied experiences are, the more varied things you will learn. Learn from your mistakes. And I hope that you will keep on learning English.

So tell me, in your opinion, what’s the best way to learn English?

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