How to properly charge a phone battery: Battery care tips & tricks

While traveling it is important to ensure that you have your phone with you. Be it to call or text someone in case of a problem, take photos, or look up locations and places of interest, a smartphone can be of great help and peace of mind when you are traveling. However, it is not only a matter of having it in your pocket or bag, it also needs to have enough charge as it will be of no help if the battery charge dies.

phone charging tips

Therefore you need to bear in mind certain smartphone charging tips as well as how to preserve the battery life as much as possible. This is just what we shall be discussing here.

Battery preservation tips:

First of all it is important to be aware of simple things you can do to consume less of the charge. Chances are your smartphone is using up more battery life than required because you have not set it on a battery-saving mode. Generally this will turn your smartphone’s screen on a less bright setting, and certain features will be turned off so as to preserve your battery life.

battery charging tips for smartphone

It is also highly recommended that you keep your smartphone as cool as possible as this helps in battery life. The battery life will degrade really quickly when it is hot. Obviously while traveling you will most likely be outdoors and the heat of the sun will have a negative impact in this case. So, as much as possible, try to keep your smartphone in your bag, rather than holding it in your hand.

It is also a good idea to choose a dark wallpaper.
Turn off vibration.
Turn off automatic brightness.
Reduce the screen timeout as much as possible.

These simple tips will have to extend the battery life of your smartphone. However you will also need to charge it first and foremost. Before traveling to a new place or a foreign country make sure to check the type of power outlets, as you might need to make adjustments to the type of charger you have by means of a suitable adapter, or buy another one that can be used there.

Nowadays smartphones are running on lithium-ion batteries. As a general rule of thumb, there is no need to allow the battery to lose all of its charge before charging it. Unlike the earlier nickel-based batteries, it is better to top off lithium-ion batteries whenever you get the chance.

battery charging tips for smart phones

So if you are going to go to the hotel for dinner, or before having a quick shower, hook up your smartphone to the charger so that it can get some charge. To optimize battery life it is recommended to give it a few small charges throughout the day. This will also help a great deal when you are traveling.

Even though it is important to charge your smartphone often, you should try to avoid wireless charging as much as possible. As convenient as it might seem, wireless charging is not that advantageous as it tends to heat up your battery considerably. So, whenever possible opt for standard plug-in charging.

Fast charging features are becoming increasingly popular lately. Most of these allow a smartphone to go up to a 100% charge in merely half an hour. So if you travel a lot you may wish to invest in a smartphone which supports this kind of charging. Having said that, it is important to be aware that fast charging actually takes place during the first phase of the charging process.

So, if your phone does not need a considerable amount of charging as it still has more than half its battery life, there is no need to connect it to a fast charging cable. In such a case a low voltage charger that gives a slower and steadier charge will be just fine. So it may be best to have two cables.

phone charging tips

Do not leave your phone plugged in all night. As great as it might seem since it is the time when you are not going to need to use it, it is a really bad idea as there would be too many hours of having it hooked up unnecessarily, and that could actually end up damaging your phone’s battery.

Invest in a good quality charger cable. Besides your smartphone’s original charger, it is always recommended to give another cable just in case something goes wrong with it, or simply to have a spare one. There are several ones on the market, but it is important to be aware that most are low quality cables.

The lowest priced ones are not to be trusted as they could end up making charging your smartphone inefficient and time consuming in reality. So it is better to consider certain key aspects and to spend a bit more and have a good quality charger cable to take with you.

The Magneto Magnetic charging cable for instance is one of the most renowned charger cables on the market. It has a strengthened cable which is much more durable than most original cables. It also allows for ultra fast charging.

There are many cables on the market, but one thing is for sure – you need to make sure that it is a certified cable. Magneto is in fact certified.

phone charging tricks

Bearing these rather simple tips in mind could not only help to preserve your smartphone’s battery life but also to ensure that you get the most out of it. Having a smartphone with enough charge to last a day is highly recommended as when you are traveling a smartphone could be of great assistance, and possibly even a life saver in case of a problem or accident when you need to get help.

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