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Hull & Stern Dry Bag

Ever experienced the guilt feeling of having to throw away a gadget because it was rendered useless after getting wet? If so you know how dreadful it feels, not to mention the fact that you also had to forge out a considerable amount of money in order to buy a new one. However, there is no need to go through such an experience ever again if you invest in the Hull & Stern Dry Bag.

Nowadays we all make use of a wide array of gadgets – from smartphones and tablets to cameras – and they all cost quite a bit of money. So why should you allow some water to ruin them? Now thanks to the Hull & Stern Dry Bag you won’t have to worry about this anymore.


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This bag was designed by a keen traveller and adventurer who was well aware of the problems rain, sea, rivers, and waterfalls could pose to gadgets and electronic apparel. Hull & Stern is, in fact, an outdoor gear company that certainly offers a nice range of products, including this great bag.

hull & stern dry bags hull & stern dry bags hull & stern bag

The Hull & Stern Dry Bag comes in two sizes, the 5L and the 10L. There are two colours to choose from, which were aptly named, Sea Foam Green and Sail Away Blue. Other colours will, however, be available in the near future, namely the Baywatch Red and the Sea Salt Pink.

The Hull & Stern Dry Bag has a minimalistic design, and there is nothing flashy about it. The colours are vivid and bright but other than that there are just the words Hull & Stern printed in white. However, it certainly serves its purpose as practicality is what matters most here. In fact, the material it is made from is durable and waterproof. The material is IPX5 500D tarpaulin which is very strong in terms of water resistance. This makes this bag ideal for water activities and any outdoor events where one may be exposed to water. This material repels water and other elements. Should it fall in water it will float. For extra safety, the bag folds three times at the top and then needs to be sealed with a buckle. So one may rest assured that there will be no risk of water entering into it.

Besides its practical design and excellent choice of material, the Hull & Stern Dry Bag is really convenient to carry. It has an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a D-ring for ease of attachment. It can also be worn like a body bag and should you need to store it folds up really easily so that it becomes completely flat.

hull & stern dry bag

The Hull & Stern Dry Bag can be maintained like new by simply wiping it with a damp cloth. It is a multipurpose bag that will surely come in handy on various occasions because we all tend to carry a lot of stuff with us when travelling or engaging in outdoor activities. It is spacious but durable, and there is nothing better than having the peace of mind that all the contents inside it are safe and secure thanks to its water repellent material and excellent closure. To top it up, it is also really affordable.

hull & stern photo

This bag is a must have especially if you are involved in water sports, or like to travel. Be it while visiting a waterfall, or canoeing or kayaking – you know very well that you are going to get wet quite easily. So you need to protect your gadgets properly so as to avoid unfortunate events. The Hull & Stern Dry Bag is undoubtedly the perfect way to do this!

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