I dream of a Paradise

I dream of exploring a paradise . Unspoiled beaches . I can imagine white sand beaches surrounded by coconut trees with plenty of multi colored reefs, breath-taking views. This is Life.

I dream of riding a boat again or watch the spectacular sunset or maybe find the peace of mind I really wanted. I dream of walking on a long stretch of powdery white sand together with the rhythmic lapping of waves along the shoreline.

Is this really a dream?

I dream of a virgin island and clear blue waters. I dream of having fun under the sun. I dream of swimming with the dolphins and whale sharks. I dream of relaxing and unwind. That’s definitely my definition of real holiday.

I really want to spend my moment by the seashore and stretch out and enjoy a tropical climate.

And when I wake up , I want to spend the whole day watching the breathtaking sceneries and sail a boat again and  enjoy the bounty of nature.

Am I still dreaming?

I can hear laughter and the sound of the waves. I can smell the fresh air. I see the reef life . It is really beautiful.

It feels like I am still dreaming.

This time, i can make it real.

Right now , I am still counting my lucky stars and the life I have left. So far hindi pa nababawasan.

We may have lost someone very important in our lives this year. We may have failed . We may have made a mess of things but at least We have learned. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Malapascua and Bantayan images ©juanderfulpinoy 2011

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