I want to go to the Lanzones Festival in CAMIGUIN

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Dear friends, 

Let’s be honest , stepping out of our comfort zone is definitely a great way to enjoy life. Tasting a new food you never tried. Visiting a place you have never been to and a lot more. You get more knowledge about the world and of yourself. That’s why I am inlove with traveling. I really enjoy taking out of town trips. It makes me rich and it makes me grow  in a beautiful way through amazing places and in a positive way through  awesome and wonderful people I meet on the road. 

Today I was reliving a great adventure and experience and I figured it was definitely worth something to blog about. In the Philippines, I must admit that when we celebrate , we totally celebrate . That’s because , in our country and our tradition,  festivals are really observed. Generally Filipinos are religious . We value our cultures and traditions. Many generations of the Filipino family come together and we connect with our  past. It gives us a chance to reconnect with our cultures. 

I was waiting on my camera to get fixed. That is because I still wish to be part of Lanzones festival in Camiguin. It is really hard to put Lanzones Festival experience into words, but it is probably the most perfect backdrop for people who love to take pictures. If there’s one thing I can think of , This October , Camiguin will showcase the volume of sweet camiguin Lanzones.


The colorful Lanzones festival in Camiguin will be celebrated next month . It’s an annual event to celebrate the abundant harvest of the Lanzones and to give thanks to the Diwata ( fairy) for the bountiful harvest.

To me, this is another opportunity to travel . Days of making friends, exploring the city , trying a delicious food. Wonderful activities like free cultural concerts and presentations , beauty pageants , food and trade expo and well known Lanzones festival street dancing. 

I can not tell you anything for now , but those are some of the things why I want to experience the Lanzones festival . We have so many reasons for celebrating it. And  I know it’s going to be a delightful festive period in Camiguin so  I can imagine that the whole city will sparkle with Lanzones. Aside from that, I want to be part of the  people in Camiguin in making Mindanao as a cultural tourism destination and give thanks for a bountiful harvest for all the agricultural products in the country .

I definitely want to join the thousands of people who will go in the street parade. I want to experience the total Camiguin hospitality , which I know is also a very unique experience you will never forget and certainly a thrill of a lifetime. I know that it’s going to be a life changing experiences , especially if you have not been to a lot of festivals. I prefer to go with my friends but lately I enjoy going solo. I know there are plenty of wonderful people to meet there. So  do yourself a favor and go to at least one . 

If ever I get an invitation, I will clear my  calendar and get ready for fun! 

Imagine Camiguin that sparkle with Lanzones all year round…*wink


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