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I love travelling and nothing quite beats the buzz and excitement of visiting a big city, but exploring the urban landscape does bring some unique challenges, especially in some parts of the country and abroad.

Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

You need to be light on your feet and security conscious at the same time, but you still need your comforts and you still want to be stylish. Over the years, I have picked up lots of travel tips from my fellow travelers, and I’ve also discovered a few for myself.

Sony Alpha A5000: Best Camera for People Who Love to Travel

If you love to explore cities and you want to be urban brave, here are five of my favorite travel products that one can benefit from to help you survive urban adventures.

HydraPack 1 Liter Stash Water Bottle
Wherever you travel to different places, having a safe source of water with you is essential, especially in the hot, dusty streets of a city.

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In some areas and places, you can’t always trust the water that is sold in bottles by street vendors, so my recommendation is to take your own water with you wherever you travel and the best bottle you can find is the HydraPack Stash 1 liter bottle. It’s lighter than a conventional plastic bottle and it collapses down into a small disc for when you want to pack it away.


It’s the perfect hydration solution for when you are on the go in an urban sprawl that you don’t know.

Venturesafe X40 PLUS Anti-theft 40L Multipurpose Backpack
As any urban adventurer will know, the big cities are exciting and thrilling places to visit, but you do need to keep your wits about you and be careful with your valuables.

Having once had my money stolen from my backpack without me even noticing it, I decided that it was time to do some research and find out if there were more secure ways I could carry my belongings with me and that’s how I discovered the Venturesafe X40 PLUS anti-theft backpack.


This great little backpack is light and comfortable to wear, but more importantly, it has seven clever anti-theft devices, including protection against slashing, locking compartments, tough to cut straps, and it is waterproof too. It should now be your must-have backpack for any urban trip.

Waterseals Magnetic Waterproof Phone Pouch
I saw a friend that I met on my travels with one of these and I was so impressed that I wanted to get one for myself. The Waterseals Magnetic Waterproof Phone Pouch is such a simple idea, but it is so useful.


It’s a transparent carrying bag for your phone and other small valuables, which simply snaps shut with a magnetic seal and becomes waterproof.

It’s useful in cities for keeping the dust and dirt from getting into your phone and you can take it to the beach too.

It means that wherever you go, you can take your phone with you and you know that it will be kept perfectly dry and clean. You can even use the phone and take pictures while it’s still in the protective bag!

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Yay Wallet
If you are looking for a wallet that looks stylish and is practical for carrying when you are travelling, then I can recommend the Yay Wallet.


One thing that you don’t need when you are on your urban travels is to draw attention yourself with a big purse or wallet stuffed full of notes, and this discreet, slim wallet is just the right size to keep safely tucked away in a pocket, or you can just hold onto it in the palm of your hand. It’s so practical too; the Yay Wallet is durable and machine washable and it comes in a whole range of different funky designs.

Ridge Laptop Sleeve
The standard style of laptop case is so boring and they are quite heavy and cumbersome too, so when you are in the city and you need to take your laptop with you, just grab a stylish Ridge Laptop Sleeve to carry your laptop in. The sleeve has got a padded interior to protect your laptop from any knocks and it looks great, but it’s still formal looking enough if you need to take it into a meeting.


The Ridge Laptop Sleeve is available in four different colors and there is a choice of sizes too, so can be used with most sizes of laptops. Because it’s so slim, you can even pack it away in your backpack, so you can take it on your travels with you.


I love travelling to different places, and I discover something new in each and every one I visit, but the need for travelling light, travelling safe, and looking great at the same time, is something that applies wherever you go. So, whether you are visiting a city on vacation or you are there just for work, I hope you liked these hot picks of top five urbanized travel accessories. These are my favorite urban travel products that I believe one can never travel without when they visit any city.

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Whether you’re an urban dweller, a weekend warrior, employee, athlete and a multi-tasking expert, Urbanize products help us travel smartly and allows you to be an urban brave traveler. To know more about new and upcoming Urbanize products and promotions just visit www.urbanize.com.ph.

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