iBlog7: The 7th Philippine Blogging Summit

It has been a very tiring day yet a fulfilled one for us. Thanks to iBlog 7th Blogging Summit which was held from April 1 and 2, 2011 at the Malcolm Theater, Malcolm Hall , UP College of Law Diliman. 

I wanna personally thank you for all the information we needed to know . From the great food to fantastic freebies, amazing photo shoots and meet and greet your  fellow bloggers. 

We arrived at 6:25 . ( We’re not that excited =) ) 
The program started at 9am if Im not mistaken . Roby Alampay, Interaksyon TV5 ” Fast changing yet we dont know how far these can go and how far these will lead us (talking about social media, networking) I agree when he mentioned success can be gauged not just  by hits, pageviews but by interaction. Creating a platform that will highlight a good blog is one of them. Establish a new stuff for people to get involved with your blog.

Then it followed by Jonel Uy & Jinkee Umali( talked about blogging 101) sharing experiences  that can be beneficial to others and writing in purpose with relevance were the things  they have discussed . I was also entertained with Adrian Jeric Peña as he shared his thoughts about Podcasting 101 which was really interesting. He started blogging at a young age too. Kudos! 
What caught my attention was the funny speaker of the house who discussed how to deal with writer’s block. He was damn funny but he made a lot of sense ( Roy Dela Cruz  )

Sonnie Santos, Grace Nicolas on the other hand shared their thoughts about  blogging for advocacy. Unfortunately , Ivan Henares   was not around . 
Fitz Villafuerte) shared his knowledge about blog traffic without SEO  We’ve learned the 3 major C’s community, content and conversation. Joining group blogs , going to forums are the keys to build traffic without SEO.  Mon Macutay meanwhile talked about how you integrate facebook  towards your blog. I also like the explanation  made by Michael Rubio that “blogging is the best discussion platform” .
And lastly Ria Tirazona as she defined blogging and social relationships as a support system.  I also wanna personally thank Janette Toral for the warmest greetings as she greeted us from the moment she stepped out of her car .
I believe we were the first group to arrive at the venue.

For some people,  blogging is totally dead. But for me it is still alive!!!
Thanks to  www.pusangkalye.net   for the wonderful photographs. 

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