International Relationships and Long-Distance Relationships Challenges

A few months ago I was lucky to be present at interesting girls Friday meeting. Word after word, mojito after mojito – and I find out that from the five ladies I was surrounded with only one lady was officially single. I was really curious about why the other girls are alone on Friday night and where their boyfriends/husbands are. I was shocked with their responses, explaining that they criss-cross the globe. They open a new office in Tokyo, get their diplomas in Russia, and visit relatives abroad. This is when I realize that distant relationships may be a challenge and require further studying.

Note that all the advice, we give here, are for the formed couples, who had no choice but to live far from each other. It is a quite different thing if we compare it to virtual relationships when people who live in different cities or countries go into relationships consciously. I would say that virtual relationships are even more difficult. However, common couples may experience the same difficulties because of their distant relationships (even if they stay apart for a couple of months).

Speak up
The biggest problem of any long-distant relationships is that your communication is mostly verbal. In other words, you will obviously talk on the phone a lot. In fact, your speech defects or tongue ties make become a real problem for your couple.
80% of information during a face-to-face talk we perceive from gestures, mimics, sight, positions, etc.; while words themselves give us only 20% of the information. Therefore people tend to take people, they don’t see, as a more cold and distant one.
Keep in mind that not only sense matters but a manner of speaking, as well. On the one hand, you should try to a bit more emotional than you are. Control your tone and timber. It should reflect your emotions correctly. Speak up and chose the right words. It is also better to avoid short answers.

On the other hand, you should learn to catch girls’ intonations and pay attention to her manner of speaking. Sometimes it is much more telling than the words.
When the couple resides together, the disconnection in your communication may be easily solved using the tactile contact. It is not a big deal to come closer to her and kiss her neck, or even spank her on the bum gently. The endorphins rate will be enough to blow away the clouds above your heads. Unfortunately, you don’t have such an opportunity when you are about 4000 miles away from each other, for example.

Experience has shown that the more often you feel like the conversation wouldn’t jell, the more you hesitate whether you were meant to be together. And if it seems to you that the conversation ended up badly, you are likely to be right about it. Therefore, call her back and ask if you told something wrong and don’t forget to send kisses.

In general, Skype, FaceTime, Viber, etc. are much better than common phone calls and texts anyway (no matter how artistic you are at using smiles). Just keep in mind that even video chats are far from face-to-face conversations.

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