This time, let’s  hear  something from Edcel Suyo of Ed publishes a  blog about his passion for traveling. First time I met him was back in Cebu during our year end trip . He likes adventurous and exciting stuff . Can you believe that he does a lot of extreme headstunts and crazy stunts? 


About his travel blog chronicles my stories and adventures about my travels in the Philippines and the rest of Asia. It also showcases headstands and crazy stunts during my trips.

Three blogs he can’t stop visiting right now – Flip is living the lifestyle I’m aiming for and it’s good to know somebody who has done it despite all the challenges that came in the way. – Beautiful stories written by Jerik. I got hooked when I was searching for information before my trip to Thailand and Cambodia. You can tell there’s substance in how he writes and it made me realize that I wanted to share more about experiences rather than ‘to-do lists’ in my own blog. – A very light read and I can’t help myself but laugh at how the author (Maricar aka Kura) shares her adventures through her blog. This is my stress-reliever after I read content with more serious themes.

Best thing about blogging
Best thing? It allowed me to develop skills that I couldn’t learn elsewhere. It opened up new opportunities and is actually helping me transition to a digital nomad’s lifestyle. My current employer hired me because of my blog.

Worst thing about blogging
When you live your life through your blog. Chill out, relax and take time to smell the flowers.

On where he gets his  inspiration
Everywhere, the people, the places, the food, the travel itself. When I notice something unusual, I usually keep a mental note and highlight it in my stories. If I don’t see something, then I find something to make things exciting. haha.

Tips he wants to   share for aspiring travel bloggers
As much as possible, inject your personality in your blog. You’re the one that makes your blog unique. All the technical stuff (designing the site, editing the photos, writing the content, etc.) will improve in time. It’s great to see how a blogger grows from the first article he’s published to the time when his blog gets recognized. The presentation may change, but you can still see the personality intact.