Dreams do come true …

I always wanted to be the happiest person in the entire world . So, i figured out how, the answer is in the power of your mind, our mind. Has something to do with determination. I always try to find ways =) I always find the way to make my dream come true… 

I am looking at the moon and the stars and reminded me of something and of someone special to me. ….That life is so unimaginable and unpredictable as well. Dont just sit back and relax . Dream, plan, live and be happy..

adam and eve


After the Pahiyas festival, we headed to the shrine. And yes I was  on a jeepney ride and have consumed glasses of coffee just to stay awake, I havent slept for 24 hours since i came from work at that time but the sensation of travel keeps me alive even i was so sleepy…. kahit mukhang zombie na ako… pero hindi bale worth the trip naman and i know pagbalik sa manila toxic na naman ang trabaho…=)

Im talking about Kamay ni Hesus healing shrine. It’s where people receive the miracle of healing. Catholic healing priest, Joseph A. Faller made it possible. Many faithful in the Philippines and abroad have been healed of ailments like cancer through Father Faller. The story of the Kamay ni Hesus Healing Center in the Philippines is a long one, but it is a story which shows how one man is able to heed the call of God to do miracles even when his faith faltered. For Father Faller, it was as if he was being led all the time towards his path of healing. It came as a surprise, even for Faller, when people who heard him say mass and were prayed over by him were miraculously healed.

As I previously mentioned, I will feature more of my side trip in Quezon , one of them  is the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine. 

The statue of the Ascending Christ at the top of the hill was really  impressive in its size. I’ve made a research  that it’s the third largest statue of Christ around the world with its height of 50 feet.


People from all over the world still contribute for the continuation and maintenance of the Center. You should pay a visit when you get there =)


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