JOYRIDE- Baby Ivana goes for Joyride.

For kids , Life is like a field trip! Agree?


Travel adventure is one of beautiful things parents can do to help their kids nurture and grow into aspiring traveler. On February 4-6 2012, a group of travel bloggers including me , visited the city of Pines. And the trip was unforgettable.

When we travel , we learn a greater and broader perspective with our new experiences . And under the normal circumstances we bring those experiences at home. Same goes with your kids. When you travel to a place , they should learn more  about the world we live in.

Today, even kids begin to learn different travel opportunities and lifestyle.

Sometimes it is rewarding for family to travel . It is the nicest and brightest way to help your child learn and of course bond together. Young Ivana joined us in our three day Baguio Bliss tour . Photo shows Ivana smiling at me as we’re about to explore the Tam-awan village.

We often travel solo, or as a couple or most of the time traveling with friends . But have you ever thought that traveling with kids is worth doing?

For the parents out there, you can always encourage your kids to travel with you. Just make sure to find helpful ways to make your trip more enjoyable and educational as much as possible.
In your next destination, travel with your kids. Make your itinerary simple and flexible for your kids to enjoy.

So tell us your experience traveling with children. Is it worth doing? Would love to hear feedback from you.


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