It’s officially the summer of 2013 and I am loving it. While we always on the look out for a great summer getaway, we always look forward to a comprehensive travel guide where we can go even more extensive covering the path less traveled. I was also planning an epic solo travel really very soon although right now my options are very limited so I still have to save a little bit for it.

Do you have plans for the summer yet? Packing for your great summer adventure? I have narrowed down the travel essentials you need to bring with you. Take those perfect bag and shoes, gadgets and needless to say your swimwear for several holiday destinations. My summer choices would be lazing on a beach or climbing mountains which will surely get my blood pumping.

Today, we can always find cheap flights and cheap deals online. Check out several travel blogs, download a couple of travel applications and pick literally a selection full of wonderful destinations and we’re all set. Many thanks to various sites showcasing affordable airfares, extremely overwhelming cheap tour packages. It feels ultimately great to be able to sort things out through an endless options. Indeed overwhelming, especially in the midst of planning your itinerary.

This summer month, prepare to be wowed by a travel nutcase who is an average eccentric traveler, blogger and the diva in the making [LAKBAY DIVA]Diva likes to dive, snorkel, skim, and other sports like T.V., radio, cassette and washing machine.


What kind of traveler are you?

I’m a Diva traveler!

What Is It About Travel People Love? 

Thank you very much for this question and this opportunity you have presented to me. For me, why people love about travel, in my honest opinion, it is because, of, world peace. Thank you! *smile, wave*

LAKBAY DIVAAbout Lakbay Diva

Lakbay Diva travel blog totally embraces the idea of coming out to the open. Todo coming out na itey!

Lakbay Diva’s next destination

Currently I’m already in my next destination that is finding me in the midst of chaos among the world of the living and the dead. And to you my brothers and sisters to pray for me to our Lord our God.

Favorite travel destination

Yes, my one and only destination. And they are the following…

El Nido, Palawan! Pescador island! Calicoan island! Inter alia!

Favorite travel blogs

The blog and the person behind it I truly idolize is Thelonerider.com. Second is Christian Sangoyo’s LakadPilipinas.com.

Best thing about blogging

Earning money!

The worst thing about blogging

The worst thing about blogging is, of course, is no other than, to make the long story short, without further ado, teka, ano nga question mo ulet?

Getting inspiration from

If a bird from outer space traveling at a speed of a turtle that is taking is time, picks a grain of sand from earth and brings it back to where it came from, and does the process every once in a million years, and after picking all the grains of sand from earth and depositing it on the banks of the galaxies of heaven, eternity shall have just begun.

Keyword: TRAVEL. But at least you have an idea how long is eternity is, now.

Tips to share for aspiring travel bloggers

Better get RickRoll’D because he’s never gonna:

  •  Give you up,
  •  Let you down,
  •  Run around, and desert you!page1image24648 page1image24808 page1image24968

When will you stop travelling?

I’m deeply embarrassed and greatly humiliated that due to unforeseen circumstances over which I have no control of the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of my chronometer are such in accord to the great sidereal movement by which time is commonly reckoned of great accuracy that I cannot state the exact time. But without fear of being far off, I will state that it will take an eternity before I do.


This summer I encourage you to challenge yourselves and get lost in the sea of new experiences. To know more about Lakbay Diva check out his travel blog at LakbayDiva.com in that way you’ll love yourself more, understand your sexuality more and appreciate your sense of humor.  page1image24808 page1image24968

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